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We are extending a life preserver of salvation!

Every day, every minute, Shelanu TV is sharing testimonies of Israelis coming to Yeshua, evangelistic skits, music videos, and more. We don’t know who is watching…we just know people are. It is like fishing (Hmmm. Seems someone once compared outreach to fishing!) We cast the line and know many fish will just swim by…but eventually, one takes the bait.

Of course, we are not baiting anyone. We are extending a life preserver of salvation. We were so encouraged to get this note from a believer who is praying for their orthodox Jewish family.

"For many years, I've been trying to share the gospel with my orthodox [Jewish] family, and they have always refused to listen to it. Our discussions in this matter tend to conclude in rather jarring tones. Therefore, I prefer to pray for them and send them videos, rather than talking to them face to face. But I never knew whether they were watching these videos or not.

Two weeks ago, something happened that I call no less than a miracle! My sister liked one of the Shelanu posts containing Messianic content. This is an answered prayer for me—knowing that my family members are watching and responding to the channel and its content, and I hope their hearts will be willing to hear more about the gospel. Please pray for my sister!

- Received from a Jewish believer in Tel Aviv

I understand that this is not revival. But this is fruit! And we know that there are thousands of others who are watching our videos and liking them. We have several evangelists who engage unbelievers online.

Three years ago, the government pressured the cable company to take us off the air. That very same day, we were online with a digital TV station. Sadly, Israel is growing more and more anti-Messianic in the government. But the people of Israel are hungry. Shelanu TV will continue to be there to share the good news of Yeshua in Hebrew.

We can only do this with your partnership. When you give to Shelanu, we can make more content and buy ads. Through ads, we can make sure our videos reach tens of thousands—sometimes more than 100,000—Israelis.

Thank you so much! You are making an eternal difference in the life of a young Israeli.

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