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Israeli man hears God's voice about Yeshua

You are in for a treat today! I am right now wiping away the tears from my eyes after listening to this powerful testimony from Israeli Messianic Jew, Reuven Doron. And guess what? It is in ENGLISH! Reuven is one of our presenters for Shelanu TV. You have probably seen him in some of our skits, like the one with the New Testament on the bench.  


He came to Yeshua in the 1970s, as he was running away from Israel, having suffered great loss as a soldier. I won’t tell you what happens next—you will have to watch the video, but it is worth it.

Through Shelanu TV, YOU are reaching Israelis with the good news of Yeshua. This was our reach last month:


YouTube Reach: 92,900

Instagram Reach: 16,322

Facebook Reach: 63,063

TikTok: 5,398

Website Reach: 1,465


Total Reach: 179,148


Shelanu plants the seeds, and our team members follow up by engaging with people online. We send out FREE New Testaments in Hebrew, as well as the Hebrew version of my book Identity Theft. And we have been able to connect many folks with Messianic congregations in Israel. 


Your gifts and prayers are translating into getting the message of Yeshua in Hebrew in front of Israelis! Last week there was a lot of chatter about Israel possibly outlawing the preaching of the gospel. While most of us in Israel knew it would not have the votes to pass, it may in the future. And when you tell Israelis that they can't do something... that is exactly when they will investigate the thing that they cannot do and hopefully find online.


We're so blessed that you've joined with us to make sure that no matter what law is passed, Israelis will be able to hear the most powerful message in the world in their native tongue. If you aren’t partnering with Shelanu, please consider becoming a monthly partner today. 

Todah Raba (Thank you very much!)

For such a time as this...?

I shared with you on Friday some of the challenges that Israel is facing right now. Things are getting worse.


El Al pilots and crew refused to man a plane to fly Prime Minister Netanyahu to Italy. This is unprecedented. In the end, a crew was found. 37 out of 40 elite fighter pilots refused to train in protest over the sweeping changes that are rapidly being pushed through.


And today is Purim. A celebration of the survival of the Jewish people when a Hitler-type figure sought the genocide of the Jews living in Persia (Iran) after the 586 BCE exile.


Queen Esther was hesitant to appeal to the king for help. Mordechai implored her—she might be the only hope for the Jewish people. With those famous words, he challenged her:


“For if you remain silent now, then relief and deliverance will come to the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. Who knows if you haven’t come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14)



That is how I feel about Shelanu TV. We have been involved in many different ministries over the years. During this past six months, the Lord has impressed upon me not to get distracted. There are many great ministries endeavors that we could be involved in. But I felt Him tell me, “There is only one 24/7 TV ministry preaching the gospel in Hebrew.” He did not use the words of Mordecai, but that is how I feel about Shelanu TV, that it has come into the kingdom for such a time as this.


Israel needs the message of Yeshua now more than ever with the country divided like I’ve never seen. Please consider a special “PURIM” gift, so together we can reach Israelis with the Gospel.

The rabbis teach that the Temple was destroyed in 70 CE because of sinat chinnam, which means “baseless hatred.” There was tremendous division at the time. Some wanted to rebel against Rome, others warned them not to. Jews were killing Jews. Judgment came swiftly. I don’t want to see that happen again! Let’s pray that this present revival sweeping other areas of the world would move here to Israel.


GOD TV reported the other day that tourist groups from four different languages and areas of the world visited the Upper Room in Jerusalem. Suddenly, all four groups broke into spontaneous, loud prayer—crying out to God! We are on the verge of something great! And it could not come at a more needed time. Please agree with me for revival in Israel!


Let’s stand together for Israel's salvation.

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Do you know what I love about Shelanu TV?

Do you know why I love Shelanu TV? Well, it would be hard to limit it to just one thing. So, let me just tell you one of the reasons.

Two weeks ago, I was in England doing some work with GOD TV. When you're traveling, it's hard to get other things done. The original plan was that I was going to arrive back in Israel and then immediately fly to India for 10 days—also for GOD TV. Did you know that our largest presence is in India where we reach millions of people :-). But for some reason my visa was denied.

So, when I got back to Israel, I began working on Saturday night on a research paper due the next week. Suddenly, on Sunday, late in the morning, I began to feel really tired. Then, a little bit achy. Over the next several hours it got really, really bad. Elana took me to what we call the “moked.” The “moked” is where you go when the doctor is closed and you don't want to go to the emergency room.

Strangely, as soon as I walked in I started feeling better. Still, we were there, so we waited and got some blood tests. I got home and melted into my bed. I slept until almost 10 AM! And I took most of the next day to relax. As I realized that I wasn't getting much done—other than relaxing—I had this weird tinge of guilt. “You should be working!” a little voice said to me.

As I considered this thought, I felt like the Lord encouraged me that it’s good to rest.

You may have forgotten that I wanted to tell you why I love Shelanu TV. It's because while I was traveling, flying overnight to get home, getting sick and going to the moked—that entire time, the gospel was going forth in Hebrew on Shelanu TV!

What a joy to know that no matter what I'm doing, whether I'm sleeping or awake, in Israel or some other country, the gospel is going forth 24/7 in Hebrew.

When you partner with us, our team in Tel Aviv is making sure we are broadcasting the gospel, not merely on Shelanu, but on Facebook, YouTube and other social media sites. Israelis are seeing and hearing the gospel, thanks to you.

Please consider becoming a monthly partner, so you can reach more Israelis for Yeshua!

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Could revival breakout in Israel?

Have you seen the news of the Holy Spirit visitation that has been taking place at Asbury College in Kentucky for the last two weeks? It appears to be a sovereign move of God, pouring out His Holy Spirit on students, teachers, parents, and travelers from the US and the world.

It is quiet, not flashy, no big names—and reports of repentance, healing, and refreshing abound. It doesn’t seem to matter whether you are inside the chapel or out on the lawn, God is present in a very tangible way. I have even been blessed by watching and listening to the services online.

God has promised to pour out His Spirit (Joel 2:28) and that multitudes would be saved in the Last Days. Are we witnessing the beginning of this? I sure hope so!

And even more than that, I pray that the Holy Spirit would move like this among my people. Here in Israel, tens of thousands of citizens continue to take to the streets in protest over a massive judicial overhaul being considered by our government. The protests are peaceful, but people are on edge.

Asbury College played a big role in the Jesus Revolution in the late ‘60s and ‘70s. Tens of thousands of Jewish people put their faith in Yeshua at that time. Instead of converting to a new religion, they recognized the Jewish roots of New Testament faith and called themselves Messianic Jews. They became the leadership of the modern day Messianic Movement.

I was with a group of about 50 Messianic leaders a few weeks ago for a time of prayer and strategizing. There was concern over the lack of success in Jewish evangelism.

When it was my turn to share, I reminded them of what happened during the Jesus Revolution and the birthing of the modern Messianic Movement and said we desperately need another awakening that will bring Jewish people into the Kingdom. The former Jewish hippies who birthed the movement are in their late 60s and 70s. We need another move of God. others there expressed a similar concern.

Who knew that God was planning something in the middle of Kentucky that would break out about a week later. I sure didn’t!

At Shelanu TV, the good news of Yeshua is broadcast over the Internet and social media all day, every day, in Hebrew. We have hundreds of thousands of views—but millions of Israelis still don’t know their Messiah. Most don’t even know His true name—Yeshua.

As I watch the news on TV here, I look at the crowds of protestors on the streets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem (over massive changes to our judicial system), and I think, “One day—we will see people so on fire for Yeshua that they are flooding into the streets to tell everyone the good news?!”

Will you help us spread the word to all 9 million Israelis? Jews and Arabs!

Support Shelanu TV today with your gift—and consider becoming a regular monthly donor. We have much work to do for the kingdom of God here in Israel.

As we see at Asbury (and other college campuses) right now, God can and will pour out His Spirit—let’s cry out together for that outpouring here in the Holy Land. Come, Yeshua, come!