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Ethnic cleansing in the New Testament?

Yesterday, I shared in our prayer group email about what my wife has been going through. She has been sick for the past few days—since Friday night. I want to thank everybody for praying; she woke up this morning feeling much better! In fact, she felt so good that we took a trip to a place I’ve been wanting to go to for a long time—Beit Jamil! What is that? I’ll tell you on Friday.

I just finished filming a podcast with Julie Roys regarding Clergy Sexual Abuse. It was a very intense discussion that lasted for an hour and 15 minutes! I will share it with you once it’s published.

And speaking of podcasts…Evan and I recorded our most recent podcast the other day about the names of different people in the New Testament—their actual names, not what you see in English. We talk about why that is important and why changing their names resulted in an ethnic cleansing of the New Testament.

Evan and the team continue to do an amazing job overseeing Shelanu TV. And we could only continue to make Hebrew-language media with your support. You are on the front lines here in Israel, sharing the Good News in the language of the Prophets! I can’t thank you enough.

Please pray for everyone who sees our social media posts or watches different shows on the channel. As I shared with you a few weeks ago, we have seen an uptick in engagement. Pray for Moti and Avner and others who connect with those who respond. Pray also for those who order copies of the New Testament in Hebrew or my book, Identity Theft, in Hebrew, that God will open their eyes.

Thank you!

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I loved this. So honest and saying it all loud and clear. I wish this was going on 54 years ago when I received my atonement.

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