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Muslim African nation issues stamps featuring Israeli singer

The Muslim nation of Chad recently printed a stamp featuring Israeli Netta Barzilai, the singer who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018.

Israel and the African nation renewed diplomatic relations last January after a historic visit by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The country didn’t waste any time warming up to Israel, printing two images of Barzilai on a stamp. She is featured next to the Swedish band ABBA that won Eurovision in 1974, with the words “Republic of Chad.”

The stamp is seen as a seal of approval of sorts to express the strengthening relations between the countries. Chad officials sent a copy of the stamps to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office.

The headway made in renewing ties with Chad is part of an overall thaw between Israel and Muslim nations that we have reported about here over the past few months.

As for Barzilai, she is taking the Asian continent by storm as well. The Israeli star performed recently on China’s national TV to a viewership of 500 million people. According to reports, she may also begin her acting career with a role in a Netflix movie about Eurovision, starring Will Ferrell. Barzilai couldn’t confirm her role but said she is “always excited about new adventures.”

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