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It feels like we are living in Biblical times.

Guess what? We are really on the airplane! It was hard for me to believe these tickets were real (see the video from yesterday's email if you don’t know what I am talking about). After 48 hours of trying to find two seats to any European city, I couldn't believe we found two. On many airline sites, seats would be shown as available, but the seats would disappear when you tried to book. But here we are.

(Please pray…we are still at the gate. First, they said it was taking more time to load, but now they said they have an issue in the cockpit. A mechanic is on the way. I have never experienced so much warfare over a trip. Please pray we leave soon! Thank you)

Honestly, it is hard to leave Israel at this time, when she is under attack from every side, but I can do more good in the US ministering—telling Israel’s story—than I can here. Plus, I have aging parents that I need to see.

There are many reports, I can’t verify them, that God truly protected us. I read somewhere that one of the Iranian missiles misfired and did more damage in Iran than any damage in Israel from the 120 others! There is also a letter going around that is supposedly from a Doctor of Physics explaining how impossible it was that we took down 99% of the missiles—it had to be God. He compared it to the Red Sea, and it was a Passover!

This is why we need to promote more and more of our outreach videos in Hebrew on Shelanu TV. It feels like we are living in Biblical times. I am only now processing what I witnessed from my balcony at 1:30 AM Sunday morning as all those missiles were shot down (I only saw the ones north of Ashkelon, on the coast—but it was amazing!).

As we approach Passover, many Israelis will be thinking about God's reality and longing to know him. Please consider becoming a monthly supporter of Shelanu TV. We share the Messiah of Yeshua in Hebrew on our 24/7 digital channel and all Social Media sites. Interest in our videos has only increased since 10.7. Now is the time!

I know that you love Israel, and I know that you want to see Israelis find their Messiah. Join with us today and partner with Shelanu!


PS Don’t forget to pray for our Seder on Tuesday, April 23rd, which will be broadcast into Israel on METV and around the world online. Please agree with us that many people will find Messiah, the true Passover Lamb!

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