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My Thoughts as Antisemitism Erupts at US Colleges

As anti-Semitism progresses and unfolds across America and the world, I want to share a few thoughts.

First, we cannot be silent amid hatred of God’s ancient people. Just like Esther, the church has a role in confronting antisemitism.

Second, we must keep our eyes focused on heaven. If we fight this battle alone, we will lose. Why? In the natural, we are completely outnumbered. There are 50 countries with a Muslim majority. Israel is surrounded by 22 Arab nations.

We have to remember that God has a plan. Don't let all the negativity and hatred get you down. Job said during his trial, “I know that my redeemer lives and that in the end, he will stand on the earth” (Job 19:25).

None of this has escaped the Almighty, and while, there are many bad actors, the majority of the foot soldiers are simply uneducated—particularly the people on the US college campuses.

And my third point: nevertheless, going back to point number one… we cannot ignore this wave of hatred focused on the Jewish people (again)!


Below are four recent articles (just in the last several days!) about the wave of antisemitism on college campuses and elsewhere in the US. Please take time to read (or watch) them and then share them with friends who will pray!

Embattled anti-Israel Columbia student Khymani James, who thankfully has now been banned from the campus, said he misspoke when he called for the genocide of Israelis. Mr. James boldly declared, “Zionists don’t deserve to live.” And by Zionist, James means "Israelis."

But don’t worry—he “misspoke.”

Did he also misspeak when he said: “The existence of them [sic] and the projects they have built, i.e. Israel, it’s all antithetical to peace. So yes, I feel very comfortable — very comfortable — CALLING FOR THOSE PEOPLE TO DIE.”

What about this comment: “Zionists, along with all White supremacists, NEED TO NOT EXIST because they actively kill and harm vulnerable people.” He added that Zionists do not let the world progress.

That is a whole lot of misspeaking.

1. Does it bother him at all that Islamic fanatics in Hamas and Hezbollah “kill and harm vulnerable people”?

2. Does he know that half of Israelis are not white but olive, brown, and black-skinned?

3. If you’re concerned about the world not progressing, you might want to come against the regimes that do not allow women to study or get driver's licenses and turn a blind eye toward domestic violence against them (Iran, Taliban, etc.)

4. Is he aware of the medical and technological breakthroughs that Israel has contributed to the world? He cannot exist for a day in our social media world without being helped by Israeli technology. What has Iran recently offered to the world besides violence and oppression?

5. He says that Israel is against Peace, even though we have begged for Peace deals with our neighbors for nearly 80 years. We have achieved peace with Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, Bahrain and the UAE. It is only the regimes that are fueled by Islamic fanaticism that resist peace with Israel, like Iran and her proxies.

6. Is Mr. James aware that Israel has freedom of speech, unlike virtually any other country in the Middle East? The Palestine that he is so desperately seeking to support routinely suppresses speech and jails journalists who do not tote the party line. Hamas often simply kills Palestinians who resist them.

But the saddest part about this is that this man is a student at one of the most prestigious universities in the world and has no clue regarding what is going on in the world around him. The vast majority of protesters are ignorant when it comes to world history or current history, and certainly Jewish history. Israel is an easy target (because we will not respond against him with violence), while they pretend that the Islamic world (which would be happy to kill him for his “non-binary” views on gender… and I doubt the Ayatollahs are going to care about his pronouns) is just a peaceful utopia. They have nothing to say about Israeli girls who were brutally raped by Jihadists but condemn Israel for merely existing in her ancient homeland.


Columbia University professor Katherine Franke, who specializes in gender studies and sexuality, was accused in Congress recently of saying, “All Israeli students who served in the I.D.F. [Israel Defense Forces] are dangerous and shouldn’t be on campus.”

I saw Prof. Franke yesterday on MSNBC, where she claimed she was misquoted. “I actually said, ‘Many Israeli students who come to Columbia’s campus are coming right out of their military service and have been known to harass Palestinian and other students on our campus.’” (NY POST)

As an Israeli, I can tell you that her clarification is absolute BS, nonsense, and, might I add, in my opinion, outright lies!

1. I would love to see the documentation of these “many Israeli students” who harassed Palestinians. I can quite sure it does not exist. How can I be so bold? Because I know the Israeli character. For instance, who is occupying universities right now illegally? Israeli students? No. Palestinian students and their supporters.

2. Israelis who can afford Columbia are typically focused on their education rather than activism.

3. The vast majority of Israeli students would not go straight from the IDF to college but take a year off to travel. That is the norm. So, the phenomenon Franke expresses—of former IDF soldiers going straight to Columbia—would be rare.

4. By the time an Israeli gets to Columbia, they are already in their early 20s (after having sacrificed prime years of their lives to protect Israel) and have experienced life at a level that your typical 18-year-old TikTok influencer from New Jersey or Oregan cannot comprehend. They are mature and focused. They would never dream of wasting their parents' money or a scholarship with activism but would want to get an education.

5. What Franke is trying to say is that IDF alums have been brainwashed to hate and attack Palestinians and need to be deprogrammed. I know scores of Israelis who've gone through the IDF and I have NEVER encountered this phenomenon. The average Israeli who finishes their army service is thrilled to be out of the army and start their life. She is making up a narrative based on a pop culture caricature of the IDF.

Ms. Franke is at war with ghosts that do not exist. But that did not stop MSNBC's Joy Reid from giving her a platform to the masses yesterday. Her other guest was a Palestinian who supported Ms. Franke. Reid gave no opportunity for an alternative view, nor did she challenge Ms. Franke’s absurd, undocumented, and xenophobic accusations against Israelis. Despite being on the far left, Franke has no problem embracing the kind of hate that she supposedly deplores when it is unleashed against the LGBTQ community. That makes her uniquely anti-Semitic in her hate.

I would challenge Ms. Franke to show any evidence of this unprovoked Israeli aggression against Palestinians on the Columbia University campus. She won’t… Because it does not exist.


WATCH! Ilhan Omar refers to some Jewish students as "Pro-Genocide." Here is the whole outrageous quote, cloaked and fake compassion and political opportunism.

“I think it is really unfortunate that people don’t care about the fact that all Jewish kids should be kept safe and that we should not have to tolerate antisemitism or bigotry for all Jewish students, whether they are pro-genocide or anti-genocide.”

Let's be clear,

1. Israel, Jews, Zionists, etc. are not calling for the genocide of any people group.

2. On the other hand, Iran calls for the genocide of Israel every day.

3. Hamas and the Islamic Brotherhood call for the liquidation of the state of Israel.

4. The Palestinian Liberation Organization was created with the intention of destroying Israel.

5. Every war launched against Israel by her Arab neighbors has been with the goal of destroying Israel completely—genocide.

6. The only reason Hamas did not commit complete genocide of the Jewish nation on October 7 is lack of opportunity. That would have been a dream for them.

7. Hezbollah has tens of thousands of missiles aimed at Israel, and the only reason she does not launch them is fear of retribution.

8. A strong Israel is the only thing keeping her on the map. (and of course, the plan of God.)

9. Israel would not be in Gaza if not for October 7. Every action Israel has taken against her neighbors has been to stop aggression. EVERY ACTION!

For Representative #IlhanOmar to refer to some Jewish students as pro-genocide is disgusting, misleading, and she should be censured by Congress.


These "Artists for Palestine" are not "Historians for Palestine." This map has nothing to do with an indigenous Palestinian nation.

1. Notice it says "Palestine or the Holy Land." The Holy Land refers to Israel. This just proves that in 1828, there was no such thing as Palestinian Arab ethnicity.

2. For instance, when this map was created, who was the president of "Palestine"??? You can't tell me because it was not a country but part of the Ottoman (Turkish) empire. There was no president and never has been. There has never been a country called Palestine.

3. And that is further proof that "Palestine" was not a nation, as the Turks would never allow a map to be published that purported to say there an independent nation within their empire. It was merely a region that referred to the Biblical holy land.

4. It was changed from Judea to Palestine in 132 CE by Emperor Hadrian (a Roman!) and had nothing to do with ethnicity; it was hundreds of years before Islam.

5. Hadrian committed ethnic cleansing by kicking all of the Jews out of their Homeland and changing the name. Rome was the real colonial power that took over the land of Israel.

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