Blood Moons and Prophetic Confusion by Avner Boskey

[Note from Ron: I have had a number of people ask me about the current blood moon craze. To be honest I have not paid much attention to it nor have I had time to investigate. But I must say I had an uneasy feeling about the teaching. I was so happy that my good friend Avner Boskey wrote about this in a recent newsletter. As many teachers believe that this Passover is a key date regarding the blood moons, I wanted to share this with you immediately. If you want to learn more about the Boskey’s and their ministry here in Israel, please go to:]

The prophetic significance of the four lunar eclipses occurring on Jewish biblical feast days in 2014-15 has become a recent focus on the internet and even a best seller on Amazon. A few voices are suggesting that the so-called ‘blood moons’ are a portent of earth-shaking prophetic significance regarding the Jewish people.

The first of these ‘tetrads’ (a grouping of four – in this case, four lunar eclipses) kicks off on the first night of Passover next week. Here are some reflections on this subject.

How many tetrads?

Though only four specific eclipses are the main focus of these discussions, there are actually hundreds of examples of these tetrads available, and nearly all of them are passed over in silence by the advocates of the current ‘blood moon’ teaching, since 99% of these do not even come close to any major events in Jewish history.

Which major events in Jewish history are marked by ‘blood moons’?

Jewish history has seen many tragedies and victories. Haman’s potential campaign of Persian genocide, the destructions of the First and Second Temples, the defeat of the Syrian Greeks by the Maccabees, Bogdan Chmelniecki’s massacres of Ukrainian Jews, the Holocaust – these were all events of great magnitude. None had blood moon authentication or warning.

The three events currently being focused on in most of the ‘blood moons’ discussion concern –

  1. the Jewish aspects of the Inquisition (beginning in 1478 in Spain, and 1536 in Portugal, and continuing until 1821-26) with emphasis on the exile of Spanish Jewry in 1492,

  2. the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948,

  3. the liberation of Jerusalem during the Six-Day War in 1967.

Why these three events are chosen seems clear: they are the only major Jewish events that fall somewhat close to lunar tetrads.

Are these ‘blood moons’ really connected to any major events in Jewish history?

The lunar tetrads in question actually appeared after the events described – between ten months a