Aftermath of Jerusalem Fire in 4K

My friend Sam Roberts, an Israeli filmmaker, shot some raw footage of the aftermath of the recent massive forest fire in Israel. When the Turks controlled the land of Israel (1517-1917), they taxed the people based on the number of trees on their land. As a result, when the exiles of Israel returned, they found a ravished land.

As a child, we had religious training in Judaism every Sunday at Temple Beth El in Richmond, VA. Hundreds of thousands of Jewish children were meeting at the same time at their synagogues throughout the nation. We were given these booklets that we had to fill with stamps. You would receive a stamp for every donation for a tree to help build forests in Israel.

There was a massive push to plant trees in the Holy Land. To this day you can plant a tree in honor of a deceased loved one. You can give it as a gift. A