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Where was Yeshua really born? A Personal Encounter

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Secret Surrounding the Birth of Messiah Part 7 Conclusion

The traditional spot where Yeshua was born is in the heart of Muslim-dominated, Palestinian-controlled Bethlehem. Yes, what was once was the town of David, and then became an Arab Christian borough, is now dominated by Muslims. And there is little, if any, evidence to support the idea that the church of the Nativity was Yeshua’s birthplace. We simply know that 170 years later, Origen heard that it was the place, but called it a rumor. But what if the actual place of His birth was inside Israeli-controlled territory, just on the other side of the hill? Can you imagine the impact!?

Some archeologists have suggested that the Bethlehem of Yeshua’s time was closer to Ramat Rachel (clearly inside of Israel), as some have claimed that there is evidence of Rehoboam’s fortification of Bethlehem (2 Chr. 11:6) there, while not at modern-day Bethlehem. We plan to do more research here. 

Not long ago, I visited a place just north of Bethlehem on the road to Jerusalem. I cannot say where it is at this time as it affects many people. Hopefully, I will be able to in the future. A new friend explained to me several things. First, we looked at a place that may indeed be the actual tomb of Rachel. Remember, Rachel was buried in or near Bethlehem, in the vicinity of the Tower of the Flock. 

In my tour of the area, I was shown a threshing floor. Could it have been Boaz’s? When Joseph and Miriam came to town, they surely would have had family in Boaz’s residence that had been passed down through David to Joseph’s relatives. When Joseph realized Miriam was in labor and the home was full of people, maybe they looked for a safe place close by…yes, the Tower of the Flock…where lambs are birthed. It was near enough.

I was taken to an area that had a cave, not more than 100 yards from Boaz’s threshing floor. Unlike what we see in the movies and cartoons, the birthing area for these lambs would have been located in small caves. As I approached—and I typically don’t get excited about real estate—I was filled with awe. Was I looking into the cave where Yeshua’s manger once held Him? Just beyond Boaz’s threshing floor, not far from Rachel’s tomb, in the original Tower of the Flock? Tears began to well up. Could it be, that hiding in plain sight—like the Dead Sea Scrolls for 2,000 years—was the birthplace of the Messiah? I was overwhelmed. 

I am told that a stone manger was found in the cave in the ’30s. A Jewish archeologist removed it and took it to the US, for fear that it would be destroyed. In addition, there was another find that is on display in the US at a museum: 

“Also, as you will see someday among the artifacts in Kansas, a mosaic discovered at the site (and on display in Kansas) is remarkable. It is one phrase written in three languages — Aramaic, Latin, and Greek. The phrase is “Jesus of Bethlehem, King of the Jews.” One line in Aramaic, one in Latin, one in Greek, all saying the same thing. It was found at the Tower of the Flock site.

That is all I can say at this point. I am scared to even say that much. But just imagine if the true birthplace of Jesus is in Jewish territory, not Muslim.

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Merthyn Davies
Merthyn Davies
Dec 23, 2022

Thank you for this, I have believed this for many years; but did not have some of the details you have shared in this series. I have seen to many misconceptions about our Messiahs birth over the years and even teaching from many prominent pastors and teachers in both Evangelical and Pentecostal circles, maybe because they have not looked at scripture through Jewish or Hebraic eyes and thus not connected the prophecies. Once again, thank you, Shalom aleichem!


Pat Maison
Pat Maison
Dec 23, 2022

Thank u Ron,what a blessing 🙌 these teachings are, and I too, was deeply moved by the wonder's of ADONAI in every detail to make sure those who are searching and reading His Word find the marvellous truth, that all the prophesies and scriptures concerning Yeshua, The Son of G-d, HAD to be fulfilled. Praise His Holy Wonderful Name 🙏 😍 ❤.


Thank you, this has really blessed me so much. I don't see much about the wise men or magi that came to see the newborn King bearing gifts. Do you have a teaching about them too? Thank you and blessings to you.


Byron Stinson
Byron Stinson
Dec 10, 2021

I enjoyed the article. God bless you with wisdom and understanding Ron. Byron. BTW. Your point about the headstone is a good one. Imagine if you knew where it lays? Our God is amazing!


So awesome! Thank you for sharing this Mr Cantor. Blessings to you and your family!

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