VIDEO: Something not Kosher in Israel (McFalafel)

That is right—McDonalds has taken the ‘Israeli version of the hamburger’, the Falafel, and has begun to sell it in their fast food restaurants. Talk about Chutzpa! We decided to check it out and see what Israeli true Falafel vendors thought of McDonalds’ invasion onto their turf.


This is par for the course with McDonalds. McDonalds India serves the McVeggie (because they worship cows in India instead of eating them). In place of the Big Mac, they have the Chicken Maharaja Mac. McDonalds is famous for localizing their products. But this time they have gone too far.

The whole point of a falafel is its authenticity. Nothing says cookie cutter-assembly line like McDonalds. You don’t want your Falafel made in a western looking fast food restaurant, you want it made by Avi, who has been making your falafels for years, who knows you by name and likes to kibitz (joke around) with you when you come in.


An ad for the new ‘McFalafel’ at an Israeli bus stop