Update on Israeli Outreach to Nigeria

Greetings, From the one true Democracy in the Middle East! Boy, have things changed over here since the last time I wrote. Who would have believed it? I am afraid to mention anything because by the time you get this, things could change even more!

Libya is on the verge of overthrow, Egypt’s future is uncertain, Lebanon is being overrun by Hezbollah (i.e. Iran) and Iran itself may be over thrown (one can only hope). It is mind-boggling, which is why I want to switch to a more pertinent subject: The Isaiah 2 Initiative and our effort to train Israelis for ministry, by taking them to Nigeria in May to preach the gospel and win thousands of souls for Yeshua.

Generosity in Tel Aviv!

We have a team of 11 Israelis that are preparing to go to Nigeria to preach the good news of Yeshua. Just a few weeks ago Ari, the senior leader, brought the eight participants that are from our congregation in Tel Aviv forward and we prayed for them (see picture). Each week, we are encouraging the congregation to give towards this trip. You have to understand that Israelis are not used to being challenged to give. Tithing is hard enough when taxes eat up 30-40% of one’s income, but to give beyond that takes even deeper faith and discipleship.

Let me explain how this works. The cost for each Israeli to join the outreach is $2,000. Messiah’s Mandate, through your generosity, subsidizes half of this. That means they must pay $1,000.* We have challenged our congregation to contribute to half for each of them—or $500. The Israeli young adults must also bring $500. This way, everyone in the congregation is connected to the outreach.

Israeli believers are so used to being blessed from other believers around the world who have marveled at the restoration of the Israeli body of believers. But no longer are we merely feeble receivers—God is challenging us to give, to go and to send!