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The Blind Shall See!—Hong Outreach Day 4

Our day started at 6:00 AM. By 7:00 AM were at the first session of The Fire Conference. This is a concept that we borrowed from Reinhard Bonnke’s ministry. When someone’s model has brought over 50,000,000 people to faith, there is no reason to fix it. This morning, tomorrow and Saturday we minister to pastors and church workers.

Normally we would do this at the main campaign grounds, but because it is next to school we had to move it to a church building. When we arrived at 7:00 AM it was already packed full—no standing room. There were dozens more outside listening through the sound system.

I felt tremendous grace to preach and if they recorded it, I will get you the mp3. As much as I love preaching to the lost, I even love more teaching pastors and church workers. It was an absolute joy. Forgotten were the flying termites of the night before :-)…

Night Meeting

Exciting Opportunity!

Dear Friends, at the end of the campaign, we still owed vendors in Nigeria $1,100. Here is your opportunity to get in ‘post outpouring’ on what the campaign chairman called “The greatest event in the history of Hong!”

This is not a huge need and I believe that we will meet it quickly, however, it could be a huge blessing in your life.

If you would like to help towards this need, just click here.

Thank you!

P.S. We have received $650. We just need $450 more to cover this need.

At the night meeting, by the time I preached the field was filled with far more people than the night before. We were told that tens of thousands were in attendance. I don’t have the number of decision cards collected yet, but once again thousands of hands went up to “walk out of their spiritual prison.” I preached on the subject of Yeshua as the Great Emancipator. He sets us free from spiritual slavery.

After the altar call, we prayed for the sick.

  1. A man who was blind in both eyes testified to being healed. There was no question he could see as he followed me around the stage.

  2. Another woman who was blind in one eye was healed. She covered the good eye and was able to reach out and touch things.

  3. A young boy who could not walk (I am not sure why) was brought on stage by his grandmother and HE WAS WALKING!

  4. And so many others. I have to go back and see the video to remember.

Other notes

Eli Ben Moshe once again led the crowd in singing Hebrew music. Agata from our team shared a powerful testimony.

Day Five Morning

The Fire Conference Meeting this morning was wonderful. The church was jammed packed and there was around 100 more outside listening by loud speaker. Oh, did I mention that I started preaching at 6:45 AM and they had already been singing for some time. As I have said before, the hunger here for the word of God is amazing. We have pictures of those outside, sitting on the ground or their motorcycles (the primary mode of transportation here), bibles open, taking notes.

I felt so much liberty to preach. They were soaking it up like sponges. I so love ministering in the setting. Tomorrow will be the anointing service where we will lay hands on everyone there.

Once again, thank you for standing with us. You prayers, emails and support are such an encouragement. Blessings!

From Zion, to the ends of the Earth (Acts 1:8),

Ron Cantor

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