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Terror in Tel Aviv

While attacks have been way down in recent years, mainly because of the security fence, we are seeing in recent days increased efforts by Palestinian militants to attack Israeli civilian. Last night at 2AM a terrorist from Nablus in the West Bank, stole a Taxi and drove towards Tel Aviv nightclub filled with teens.

It is normal for nightclubs in Israel to have teen parties where no alcohol is served. When he encountered a police checkpoint that was set up because of concerns of terror attacks in the area, he slammed into it with the vehicle. He ran over several people and then got out and began to stab others, all the while screaming, Allah Akbar—Allah is Great. Thank God he did not have a bomb. One police officer was seriously wounded and seven others.

Had it not been for the spontaneous police check point blocking the entrance to the club, the results would have been far worse, as the terrorist confessed that he was planning on going into the club where teens celebrated the end of the summer break.

According to YNET News, Elad, an eyewitness, recalled, “We suddenly heard a large boom. I saw the taxi slamming into another car and then a man came out and shouted ‘Allahu akbar’. He stabbed some people. There was yelling and a lot of noise until a police unit arrived and restrained him.”

Another young man said, “If it weren’t for the checkpoint, he would have made it straight to us. It’s a miracle. We had only gone out to have some fun.” (YNET NEWS)

The taxi driver picked him up in Jaffa, on the southern Tel Aviv border and then demanded the car. He stabbed the driver in the hand as he resisted.

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