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Pray for Israel’s Next Government

Soon to be Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu (r) and former Prime Minister

and leader of the Labor Party, Ehud Barak.

Anti-Messianic Party, Shas and Netanyahu are struggling in their negotiations

Dear Friends,

I want to ask you to take time today and pray for Israel’s next government. In particularly that God’s will will be done concerning the inclusion or exclusion of the Shas Party. It seemed a forgone conclusion that Shas, an ultra religious party, would join Netanyahu’s government when Netanyahu was given the green light to form a governing coalition. They had been scheming together for months and Netanyahu had made them promises if they would join, and they seemed poised to do so.

Why is this important? Because Shas will want control of the Interior Ministry in a new Netanyahu Cabinet. The Interior Ministry has complete influence concerning:

1.Who can enter the country.

2.Who can be a citizen.

3.If evangelical volunteers can come to Israel and how long they can stay.

4.For non-citizens, what kind of a visa they receive, if any.

Only the Supreme Court can overrule them and even then, they will drag their feet in implementing what is demanded. Shas is no friend of the Messianic Movement and if they do receive the Interior Ministry it could greatly affect Messianic Immigration. It is even possible that they will seek to deport some Messianic Israelis.

As I said, it seemed a foregone conclusion that they would receive the Ministry of Interior but suddenly talks of gone sour between Netanyahu and Shas. The Jerusalem Post reports:

Netanyahu looked like he could use all the time he could get [to form a coalition] after no deal was reached in a meeting with Shas chairman Eli Yishai on Tuesday morning at the Knesset. The two men met again late Tuesday night, but they were not expected to finalize a deal until Wednesday at the earliest.

The problems with Shas centered on issues related to real estate reforms to alleviate the housing shortage in the haredi [ultra orthodox] sector, budgets for yeshivas, and the question of whether Shas would be given a minister in charge of haredi education.

In the meantime, Netanyahu has called upon the Labor party, a party focused on workers rights that leans to the left, to join his government. While the Labor party has never made Messianic Jews a target (part of their liberal leanings) they tend to be weak on security and naive in dealing with the terror threat. Which is why I am asking you to pray that God’s will will be done and not for a specific agenda. Yeshua taught us to pray for His kingdom to come and His will to be done on earth as in heaven. God does have a plan for Israel; He has a will concerning her next government. Lock into heaven and pray for his perfect solution.

Whether Shas or Labor or both, whether Netanyahu is able to form a government or not, God’s promises of revival will come to pass here in the Promised Land. (Romans 11:26) That you for standing with us at this critical time.

Committed to the Messiah’s Mandate,

Ron Cantor

PS It could be that both of these parties join the government. Shas has declared that it would welcome Labor. And Labor’s entrance would not necessarily mean that Shas would not get the ministry of the Interior, but it would strengthen and broaden the coalition and weaken Shas’s standing within the coalition.

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