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Photo Essay: Israelis Donate Time, Food and Money to Feed their Soldiers

Updated: 5 days ago

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An Israeli own a farm in Moshav[i] Maslool about 10 minutes from where my daughter is stationed near Gaza. He started a small rest station for soldiers on his farm after the ground offensive began. It has since blossomed, with the help of restaurants, chefs, businesspeople and just your average Israeli into a massive humanitarian operation that has 120 volunteers each day feeding 10,000 soldiers!

My daughter Danielle told me that for the first few weeks of this war she was starving—never having time or anything interesting to eat. Now during her breaks she heads over to Elbaz’s rest station and along with so many other young soldiers, eats to her heart’s content. In addition there is a charging station for phones, you can get a free haircut and even a massage! Many famous Israelis have come to the rest station, even though it is in close range of Hamas Rockets, to volunteer.

I had seen a report of this unique rest station on the news Monday morning so when we passed it, I grabbed my camera and decided to take some pictures for you—so you can know that the people of Israel love their soldiers—their sons and daughters. It stands in contrast to the primitive, bloodthirsty way in which Hamas forces the deaths of Gaza’s children.

You can go to the Rest Station’s Facebook page here, although it is mostly in Hebrew. Still you can see pictures and there is a phone number and email address if you want to donate funds.