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Palestinians are Being Massacred, but not by Israelis

During the war against Hamas last summer, the world condemned Israel for defending herself against 3,500 Hamas rockets. Left wing actors were brokenhearted over Israel’s supposed ‘savagery’ (But silent over Hamas’ targeting civilians). Who can forget Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardam signing a letter condemning Israel for a supposed ‘genocide’.

“In the horror happening right now in Gaza there is no place for distance or neutrality… It’s hard to understand and impossible to justify. And it’s disgraceful that western countries are permitting such genocide.”

In truth Hamas had created a series of tunnels and were planning a mass murder of Israelis in the nearby area. The Israeli Defense Forces prevented that only because Hamas got impatient and started a war.

Palestinians are Being Murdered However

Here is what is amazing! Palestinians are experiencing a real genocide and no one cares. Have you even heard one peep from Hollywood or MSNBC about Yarmouk?

Yarmouk Palestinian Refugee camp is under siege by Assad and under attack by ISIS. It has shrunk from 160,000 Palestinians to 18,000 in three years. Tens of thousands fled, thousands have been murdered, and many have died of starvation. Many of the remaining Palestinians are being prevented from leaving Yarmouk by ISIS, who instead is forcing them to be human shields… sound familiar?

Yarmouk has been described as an open-air prison.

Claiming that rebels were using Yarmouk, Assad’s forces laid siege to Yarmouk, leaving the residents without food, water and medical supplies.[i]

Where is the Outrage?

Israel tries to stop Hamas from sending rockets against her, and the world is livid. Arabs kill Palestinians in cold blood and hardly a peep. In fact, you would think that President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority would be alerting the world to this injustice—after all, these are the very same Palestinians whom he wants to return to Israel. These are his people! One of the primary sticking points in preventing a peace deal with Israel is Israel’s refusal to allow those Arabs who fled Israel in 1948 to return. (They fled in hopes that we would be destroyed. The Arabs who stayed are Israelis citizens.)

The silence is deafening!

  1. Where are the college campus demonstrations for the Palestinian Massacre in Yarmouk?

  2. Where is the media outrage over tens of thousands of deaths and refugees?

  3. Where are the Boycott, Divestment, Sanction groups?

  4. Where are the Palestinian leaders?

The fact is, they only really care about Palestinian deaths if it comes from Israel’s self-defense. The deliberate murdering of Palestinians by ISIS or Syria doesn’t seem to prick their consciences. How many of them even know Yarmouk exists?

Arabs Lives Matter?

What is being taught here is that Arab lives matter, unless other Arabs want to kill them—then they don’t. The U.N. and even the U.S. are fine with Arabs murdering Palestinian women and children, but God-forbid, a Palestinian stubs his toe in Gaza. That will release the indignation of the U.N. Human Rights Council.

The hypocrisy was on full display during the war last summer in Gaza. There is ample proof that Hamas used churches, mosques and rooftops of residential buildings to launch attacks. They encouraged and coerced Gazans to gather on rooftops and balconies, often on buildings where known terrorists live, to keep Israel from bombing them.

Hamas murdered 20 Palestinian war activists in cold blood and just as many supposed collaborators, often chopping their heads off and then dragging them around the city tied to motorcycles. An effective tool for instilling fear.

But no one cares about these poor people. Not unless you can blame Israel. Then, and only then, is it news.

Thousands of Palestinians have died in a real genocide in Yarmouk—but the world only cares about Arab deaths if they can somehow blame Israel. In fact, Arabs only care about Arab deaths, if it can be a tool against Israel. They will even sacrifice their women and children in exchange for propaganda against Israel.

The genocide in Yarmouk makes Israel’s self-defense campaign in Gaza look like a picnic, but no one cares. Be honest, before this article had you even heard about Yarmouk?


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