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Obama: Terror is Our Fault!

(The text from our upcoming video)

Yesterday President Obama declared, “It is entirely possible that these two attackers were radicalized to commit this act of terror.”

Okay, can we please stop speaking about people being “radicalized”? This language is a subtle attempt to place the blame on the “radicalizer”, in this case ISIS, instead of the perpetrators of terror themselves. Getting radicalized is not like contracting a virus or getting cancer. It is a “proactive” action on the part of the soon to be terrorist.

But the President’s words seemed to lesson the responsibility of the killers and blame ISIS for infecting the terrorists and even our law enforcement and others, for not doing enough to prevent them from “contracting” the fatal disease of radicalization. Just read.

“We know that ISIL and other terrorist groups are actively encouraging people — around the world and in our country — to commit terrible acts of violence, often times as lone wolf actors. All of us — government, law enforcement, communities, faith leaders — need to work together to prevent people from falling victim to these hateful ideologies.”

So, the president, in prepared remarks, that were carefully crafted by experts and approved by him and his team, says, these radical Islamic terrorists—not that he would ever call them that—have actually “[fallen] victim to these hateful ideologies” as if they were powerless to resist. The killers are actually victims. And we need to do a better job at protecting people from catching the radical virus.

Over recent weeks we have been told that it is our actions that have caused Muslims to turn to terror. President Obama and Bill Nye the Science Guy says it is Climate Change. (Did Climate Change also cause Mohammed to rape and murder, to marry a nine-year-old and encourage wife beating?)

Economist Thomas Piketty blames it on something else. The Washington Post paraphrases him:

“Inequality is a major driver of Middle Eastern terrorism, including the Islamic State attacks on Paris earlier this month — and Western nations have themselves largely to blame for that inequality.” (source)

So is it our fault that many in the Muslim world focus on teaching terror instead of math and science; that they prefer the myths of Jews draining the blood of Palestinians instead of actual History?

Last year Marie Harf, when she was with the state department, said it was the lack of jobs that causes radicalization.  Mr. Farook, not only had a job, but it was at his job that he carried out a heinous act of terror.

And there is always more than a handful of European politicians who stand ready to blame all terror on Palestinian frustration with the “evil” Israel, as the Swedish Foreign minister did last week when she absurdly blamed the Paris attacks on Israel.

And of course we can blame Hollywood, western clothes, hair gel, drawing cartoons and probably coco puffs too. But here’s a thought—if we had crushed ISIS two years ago, when they were dismissed at the JV team, then maybe those 14 people in San Bernardino would still be alive. Maybe Syed Farook and his Pakistani wife Tashfeen Malik would never have been inspired by ISIS. And maybe instead of focusing on keeping persecuted Syrian and Iraqi Christians from taking refuge in America, in favor of Muslims, we should have been focusing on keeping people like Farook from returning and Malik from getting a visa.

Can we please stop blaming America, Israel and the west for the bloodthirsty culture that we see in Islam today? It didn’t start with 9/11, but goes all the way back to the 7th century when Islam was born.

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