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Netanyahu: Not Politically Correct, But Biblically Correct in UN Speech

  1. “Abraham, Isaac and Jacob” – Netanyahu claimed that the right of the Jewish people to the land of Israel goes back 4,000 years to the time of the patriarchs, not merely to the 20th century Zionism. Thus he used the Bible as a valid and authoritative document, relevant to today’s conflict.

  2. “Cyrus” – The Iranian (Persian) people have a long and positive relationship with the Jewish people; one notable example being King Cyrus (500 BC – II Chronicles 36:22); which precedes the first Islamic invasion into Persia (700 AD); and certainly the current regime, which took over Iran in 1979.

  3. “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” – Whether intended or not, Netanyahu quoted the New Covenant scriptures (Matthew 7:15) from Yeshua’s rebuke of false prophets. By inference, this labels Rouhani as a false prophet, and describes the current political crisis as a clash between true and false prophecy.

  4. “Alone” – Numbers 23:9, Deuteronomy 32:8 & 33:28 state that Israel will dwell alone. It is astonishing that these scriptures find present-day application in Israel’s standing “alone” before the UN in opposition to worldwide Islamic Jihad and terror.

  5. “Never be uprooted” – Amos 9:14-15 speaks of Israel’s resettlement of the land in the end times; and includes the divine promise that the people would not be uprooted again. Netanyahu quoted this as to say that even if Iran has a nuclear weapon and all the nations of the world attack us, God will protect us.

While it may be debated whether Netanyahu’s speech was wise from a diplomatic point of view, it cannot be denied that the use of scriptures by the Prime Minister of the modern State of Israel to rebuke the United Nations for moral cowardice and delusion represents a paradigm shift of historic proportions.

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