My Islamic Encounter—Political Correctness gone wild!

“How I am I supposed to feel when I hear this?”

That was what a young Muslim girl asked me at the conclusion of a speech I gave for the Richmond Justice Initiative at Virginia Commonwealth University.

She was objecting to the fact that I pointed out that Islamic extremists are some of the worst offenders when it comes modern day slavery.

I told the story of the young lady I met in the Addis Ababa airport in Ethiopia almost three years ago. Joy and her husband were both working in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.  Dubai is supposedly one of the freer Islamic cities. I guess that is the case if you are a western businessman. But for two black Africans it can be different. They were woken in the middle of the night by non-uniformed police and arrested. Despite being married Jeff was charged with rape and Joy was charged with prostitution. They were both sentenced to six years in prison.

Only when they agreed to convert to Islam were they given the chance of freedom. Even this took three years. Joy’s ability to memorize large passages of the Koran made her a valuable asset that Imams were fighting over. She was paraded before crowds, where she would joylessly recite the Koran even though she did not understand Arabic. Once released, she was told she must go back to Uganda and work for the cause of Islam.

Joy Behar can use filthy language on-air to describe another female

running for the Senate, but walks out on Bill O’Reily for a comment about Islam.

What is wrong with us?

When she found out that she would be reciting the Koran in the presence of Muammar Gaddafi (and the Imam asked her to lie to Gaddafi and say she was his daughter), she fled Uganda, under the threat of death, seeking refuge in Singapore. She was denied and had to return to Uganda and that is when I ran into a terrified young lady who knew she could be returning to her death. I was able to pray with her a pray of salvation and connect her with believers in Uganda. But to this day, she lives in fear.