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Headlines from Israel

Headlines from Israel

Iron Dome Missile Defense System intercepts seven missiles over Tel Aviv yesterday.

Overnight Wednesday and Thursday, the IDF attacked over 300 targets

Over 60 Palestinians have been killed, mostly terrorists. Other innocents die who refuse to leave targeted buildings, despite Israel’s pre-bomb warning, at urging of Hamas.

Hamas shows no signs of wanting a ceasefire and Israel prepares for Israeli ground attack. Obama finally calls Bibi and offers to intervene.

Hamas continues to encourage Gazans to ignore Israel’s warnings before bombings, but instead to come to the roofs of buildings about to be bombed to be martyrs.

VIDEO: Hamas spokesman celebrates the death of Arab women and children human shields.

Supposed moderate PLO group, Fatah, gets involved with the bombing, directly implicating the PA in the aggression.

No Israelis death’s to due directly to rocket and missiles attacks. Keep praying for this miraculous protection. However, one woman died from Heart Attack while running to Bomb Shelter; Another man was severally injured on Hamas rocket attack on Ashdod.

Hamas warns against flying out of Ben Gurion, Israel’s main airport. However, as they have not had one direct hit after sending hundreds of rockets, this threat is just rhetoric.

Rockets fired from Lebanon in north. Lebonan army arrests culprits.

Netanyahu speaks to father of slain Arab boy. “We worked immediately to find the perpetrators, they will be tried and brought to justice,” says Netanyahu.

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