Hamas wants Lebanon 2.0—Israel

There’s excitement in the air! You can just feel the synergy as two corrupt, terror machines have agreed to worked together. Recently, it was announced that Hamas and the Palestinian Authority are back together…again! They’ve buried the (blood-stained) hatchet. But can this really work? You have one group that is corrupt to the core. And, they are the moderate ones. The other side are bloodthirsty terrorists, who have plunged the citizens of Gaza into bankruptcy.

What is there to gain for Hamas?

One must wonder, what is the ultimate goal of Hamas? Clearly, they are tired of governing. It’s just not very sexy: infrastructure, electricity, taxes (it’s so much easier to steal from the UN medical aid), parking fines, etc.…yuck! Shooting rockets at defenseless Israelis is much more fun. I mean, you are not going to make the headlines in the NY Times because you pave roads or provide electricity to your constituents. However, launch 30 rockets at Israel’s towns and cities, and you are an instant rock star.

To make matters worse, the Palestinian Authority has decided to stop funding Gaza, cutting off electricity if they cannot pay for it. Presently most Gazans only have electricity for a few hours a day. Over time, this has worn the terror group down and brought them back to the negotiating table.

Lebanon 2.0—NO!

Hamas wants to create Lebanon 2.0. In Lebanon, you have a government that is infiltrated by the terror group, Hezbollah. Many consider Hezbollah to be the most powerful political group in Lebanon, and its military capabilities rival the Lebanese army. How can it be good for the stability of a country to have an armed militia that is nearly the same size of its actual military, but with no control over it. And that is what we see with Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. Hezbollah is a terrorist organization and part of the government at the same time. But they don’t bother themselves with governing, but rather with militancy. Their intelligence apparatus is more extensive than Lebanon’s.

In the same way, Hamas is looking for a deal with the Palestinian Authority. One where the P.A. takes over the governing of Gaza, and Hamas can continue to do the fun stuff: raping, intimidating, manipulating, murdering, stealing from the citizens of Gaza, and the like. (Note: I am not even mentioning their activities against Israel. This is all in reference to what they do to their own Arab citizens!)

Bad Blood, Horrifying Memories

When Hamas forcefully took over Gaza some ten years ago, they murdered more than a few me