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Cases Continue to Climb in Israel as Delta-plus Spreads—PM Bennett Works to Avoid Lockdowns

New coronavirus cases have climbed to 750 a day as the Delta variant makes its way through the population in Israel. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is hesitant to do "The easiest thing closed quotes and bring the country to a halt again, like last year's series of lockdowns. Instead, he is urging Israelis to heed the rules and do their part.

"We can beat the Delta variant without lockdowns if we're all diligent and determined." specifically, Bennett, as citizens to wear masks indoors, canceled trips abroad, get vaccinated, and keep their distance in public. He is also stepping up police enforcement of indoor mask use. "Within five weeks, we can finish this thing."

While the situation is fluid, currently, Israel remains open to travelers. However, a full-scale reception of tourists has been pushed back to September. Those entering the country must have a COVID test before and after arriving and self-isolate for the first 24 hours (for 7 days if returning from a "hot zone" country where coronavirus rates are high).

Israeli health officials are urging a third "booster" vaccine for the immune-compromised. In addition, the government continues to encourage young people—teens and preteens—to get inoculated.

Despite the spike in infections, severe cases and deaths remain low.

Prime Minister Bennett hopes to keep it that way. "Our aim is to protect the public while preventing disruptions of regular life as much as possible. More transparency and fewer lockdowns. (a reference to the previous administration's "serious neglect"). Soon the whole world will become 'red' (a hot zone for COVID-19), and your trip will be canceled anyway, so don't even order." In other words, stay home for the summer and vacation in your homeland!

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