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Bombing in Bulgaria: Are Israelis Safe Anywhere Outside of Israel?

I love vacations. I work hard and like most Israelis, I need to recharge my batteries from time to time. In Israel it is very common to buy an affordable package deal to destinations like Turkey, Greece or Bulgaria. The flight is chartered from Israel and a bus picks up the Israeli tourists at the airport and then drops them off at their hotel destination.

This wasn’t in the Brochure!

I can only imagine that just a few days ago, like all of us before a vacation, the victims of Wednesday’s bombing were deciding what clothes to bring, searching the internet for affordable restaurants and surfing from site to site, seeking the most exciting activities in the Bulgarian Black Sea coastal city of Burgas.

However, no one’s Internet search history revealed funerals, bus bombings, or learning to live with a prosthetic limb. And yet, that has become their reality. Their trip quickly went from the thrill and excitement of boarding that bus on their way to several days of relaxation on the Black Sea to a living nightmare—well, only for the survivors.

Happy Anniversary from Iran

There can be no doubt that Iran and Hezbollah were behind this heinous attack that left five Israelis, one Bulgarian and a crazed maniac dead. It came on the anniversary of the Iranian-backed bombing of a Jewish cultural center in Argentina nearly two decades ago.

While the world labels Israel as imperialists, warmongers and even terrorists, the FACT remains that Israel doesn’t target civilians as it defends itself from terrorism. Yes, we blew up Iraq’s nuclear facility in 1981, and yes, we took out a similar site just a few years ago in Syria, and you betcha, if need be, we will keep Iran from acquiring world-threatening nukes. But you never hear of school buses full of Palestinian children targeted by Israel or a restaurant full of patrons in Iran exploding at the hands of the Mossad. And you can be sure that if such an attack like that took place in Iraq or Afghanistan, the culprits would not be Jewish, but Muslim.

Honor Killings all the rage in Afghanistan

Yes, while Muslim men will attack their own women and children, Israel is targeted by the world media for defending herself. Just recently in Afghanistan a fifteen-year-old bride was murdered because she would not hide her unhappiness at being married to her cousin. She wanted to study. She is just one of eight women that have been murdered in Islamic honor killings in her region since March. (

And still the world condemns the tiny democracy in the Middle East and won’t even draw a picture of Mohamed for fear of an Islamic temper tantrum. While bodies of Israeli civilians burned and were disfigured on a bus yesterday, Iran continues in their pursuit for nuclear weapons.

Time for Israelis to simply choose Stay-cation!

Israel, lulled into believing that our neighboring countries could protect us if we spent our hard earned shekels vacationing there, will have to rethink this policy. Theodore Herzl, the father of the modern state of Israel, only after witnessing the most brazen act of anti-Semitism (, concluded that the only hope of the survival of the Jewish people would be to have our own state. That, by the grace of God, we have achieved. Yet, we thought we could at least vacation in other countries. Apparently not. Well, who cares…we’ve still got the most amazing vacation destinations in the world—Masada, the Dead Sea, Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, the Mediterranean Sea and of course, Eilat. We’ll just spend our money here. 

PS. If I seem a little annoyed here, it is because I am. Six more Jews added to the Six million who were murdered only because they were Jews.

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