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Year End Gift to the Ends of the Earth!

Dear Friends and Partners,

You are standing with Yeshua. As a Jew, you were expecting the Messiah, but you were not expecting him to die! And then He amazed you by bursting forth from the grave.

Now he is giving you and ten other Jewish men final instructions. You are to take His message from Israel to the nations! (Mark 16:15) Start in Jerusalem, go throughout Judea, then Samaria and don’t stop til’ you reach the ends of the earth. (Acts 1:8) The disciples began this mission, we must continue…

Beloved, we have another great opportunity in Africa to play our small role in fulfilling the Messiah’s Mandate. On May 7th – 15th we will be taking a team of Israelis from Tel Aviv to Hong, Nigeria. Mike Moses, our African director, has been to Hong and the people are primed for revival. They are thrilled that we are sending a team from Israel for five nights of outreach. We are believing God for 100,000 souls! Will you agree with me in prayer?

There is so much darkness in Nigeria. Nominal Christians think they can mix the gospel and witchcraft—go to church, but practice superstitions and black magic. In Gombi last year we told them that the believer cannot do this—that the man who serves the Messiah serves Him alone. Tens of thousands repented and confessed Yeshua and many brought their charms and occult material to the campaign to be destroyed.

Light came and darkness fled.

Our battle was not just against spiritism, but Islam which is seeking to take over Nigeria. We were told that Muslims would not come to the meetings, but when I drove to the campaign with Nigerian congressman Immanuel Butto, he was stunned to see how many Muslims were coming!

On one night as two of our young men from Israel prayed for a lame Muslim man, the power of God ripped through his non-working legs, and he leapt to his feet like the beggar with Peter and John, ran up on stage, renounced Islam and received Yeshua. This was no small act.

Former Muslims who come to the Messiah are often terrified to let their family know. But this man boldly proclaimed his allegiance before thousands not to Mohamed, but to Yeshua!

The truth was preached, and the poor received it.

Now I am asking you to partner with us again. This time is going to be even better. We learned a lot in Gombi and believe that in Hong we will be more prepared and better organized as we proclaim Yeshua to the Nigerian people.

Because the physical harvest will be over, Mike Moses is expecting much larger crowds for the spiritual harvest than we had in Gombi, as they won’t be working in their fields. Don’t get me wrong, we are not merely glorying in numbers—but each number is a lost soul for whom Yeshua died! Our largest meeting last time we were told was nearly 40,000 people. How amazing it is that by simply jumping on an airplane we can possibly reach 40,000 or 70,000 or even 100,000 Nigerians with the gospel!


But we can’t do it alone. We are a team and it will take sacrifice to send our team from Israel. Though you will receive this in December, I am writing to you on Black Friday. This is the first time in seven years that Elana and I were in the US together on Thanksgiving. We were driving yesterday to greet some old friends when we passed Best Buy. I couldn’t believe that on Thanksgiving, a day to be with friends and family, there were people camping out in the parking lot so they could be first in the store at 5AM this morning! How sad that a ‘thing’—a material possession is more important than Thanksgiving.

Now I am neither against being blessed nor am I against the frugal man who wakes up early to save money. It is the idea that a holiday that is about friends, family and thanking God for this great country, could be spent in a parking lot in a tent!

Oh that we would be willing to sacrifice like that for souls!

I am not writing this to make you feel guilty. God loves to bless His children, but He does want our priorities to be in order. Put it this way, in Gombi we expected it to cost about $3.50 to reach one person with the gospel. I just downed a double-shot cappuccino in the Charlotte airport that cost more than that. And actually because the numbers in Gombi ended being about 4 times what we expected, it really cost us less than a dollar to reach each person.

How many people would you like to reach? For $100 we can reach 100 souls. One hundred new voices praising Yeshua! You see there is a base cost for the outreach, but then, the more we can advertise and have better conditions at the campaign grounds, the more people will come—and give their lives to Yeshua. We can give the demonic powers over Hong, Nigeria their marching orders—for less than one dollar per person!

I have always found it interesting that when people celebrate Yeshua’s birthday, they rarely give him a present. In fact, they give presents to everyone but Him!

So what does Yeshua want? Not an iPad, or an xBox 360 or even a 58” widescreen TV—He wants souls—people! Pure and simple, the souls of men. Let’s give Him an awesome birthday present by going to Nigeria with young Messianic Jewish believers to reap a harvest. The fields are white undo harvest—we only need go. Please send us.

So many in Hong are in darkness, enslaved by curses, black magic and Islam. Now is her time—time for revival in Hong. The people are hungry and honestly, I cannot wait to get there to preach the gospel. I love to see the joy on their faces after they receive salvation and we break the powers of darkness over their lives. I love to see the tears steaming down the cheeks of a mother whose baby was just been healed or blind person who can suddenly see.

Together we can reach 100,000 souls! And pour into the Israeli young adults that come with us to minister. Please consider a generous year-end gift this holiday season to Messiah’s Mandate. As you consider your year-end giving, please think of the souls of Hong, Nigeria, future Israeli evangelists that we are raising up and the vision of Messiah’s Mandate.

Go now to and make your best year-end, tax-deductible donation! This address will enable you to use PayPal, the safest, most secure way to give on over the Internet—even if you don’t have a PayPal account. Or, you can use the enclosed envelope to send in you gift.

Thank you so much. We could not go without your partnership.

To the ends of the earth,

Ron Cantor

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