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WATCH: Julie Roys interviews Ron on Clergy Sexual Abuse

The issue of Clergy Sexual Abuse (CSA) has been intensely debated as of late. While adultery by itself is destructive, when a leader uses his position of authority to manipulate others under his care into a sexual experience or relationship, it is particularly grievous. In many of those cases, the victims see the person as an example of moral authority and reason that they would not do anything contrary to what is right. Often, the leaders are skilled manipulators and know exactly what to say to prey on their targets.

Julie Roys is a Christian investigative reporter who has exposed many perpetrators of CSA. Last week, she interviewed me, and we discussed, based on Scripture, when and if someone who has preyed on congregations can be restored to positions of authority over others in the Body of believers. 

In the case of Mike Bickle, before the dust had settled and even after it came out that at least two alleged victims were underaged, several high-profile preachers called for his restoration. It gives the appearance of a good old boys' club, protecting each other. But what was worse is that none of the ministers expressed any concern for the victims—until it was pointed out to them. 


Prayer Request: Elana and I are still ministering in Germany. We have three more meetings and another meeting with leaders. We both woke up this morning feeling a very strong sense of oppression. We would appreciate your prayers. I believe that God has called the German church to be at the forefront of defending Israel. I also believe that there are key leaders that God is seeking to raise up to lead this effort. Please pray for these men and women to hear the call and be obedient.


I hope this podcast helps you grow as a believer. We cannot continue to tolerate CSA in the body of believers—it is far too prevalent and overlooked. New leaders/pastors should commit at ordination to never fall into such a trap at the risk of permanent disqualification as ministers. We have to protect the flock from captivating and charming leaders. To lure a person into something as destructive as sexual abuse for one's own gratification is proof that the perpetrator should not be in a position of spiritual authority over others.

This issue is not going away. More leaders and networks are needed to address it. God bless the ones who are.

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