The Worst Israeli Insult–Fryer! - 09

The Worst Israeli Insult–Fryer!

It wasn't long after I moved to Israel that I learned the meaning of the word fryer (also spelled frayer). It is possibly the worst thing you can be called. It simply means to be a sucker—being naïve and allowing someone to take advantage of you. This wouldn't be the worst thing in many cultures, but there is nothing worse than being a sucker in Israeli culture.

Here's a good example. A friend of mine's son had just gotten out of the army. When he was a new recruit, he had won the chayal mistayin, which means outstanding soldier, in his basic training. At the time, he was quite proud of it. He did what he was told to do. He wanted to be a good soldier. Now it was about three years later, and he had just finished his mandatory service. And now, he was embarrassed at how he was "such a fryer." When he entered the army,