The Indianapolis Colts and the Bond of Unity

Payton Manning publicly called out Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay last week for not clearing up the uncertainty surrounding the future Hall of Fame quarterback. Manning was upset that some of his closest friends had been dismissed and he was running into new employees in the Colts’ facilities he didn’t even know.

Irsay went straight to the media to chide his star quarterback, saying, “You keep it in the family. If you’ve got a problem you talk to each other. It’s not about campaigning or anything like that.”

What is comical about this is that Irsay publicly rebuked Manning for not keeping it in the family. Voicing his concerns about Manning’s comments breaks the very rule he is expressing! It is like dragging your drunken son out of a bar only to down a few shots on your way out. But the ego is blind. Instead of helping the situation, he only caused more disunity.

Sadly, we see this type behavior all the time in the body of believers.

  1. One leader publicly attacking another.

  2. A subordinate plotting a coup against the senior pastor.

  3. Members of a congregation forming a faction against the leadership.

I have a very close friend whose administrator and youth pastor plotted to start their own congregation while drawing a salary from this pastor who had hired them. When confronted, they denied they had any intention of doing such a thing, but in the end did just that. What a horrible foundation for your new congregation!

God places a high priority on unity—far higher than we do. When we engage in such behavior we rarely accurately calculate the impact this has on the body.