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Hamas Rape Victim Bravely Comes Forward to Tell Her Story

Warning: Today’s email is about sexual assault in Gaza. I know there is Israel/Hamas fatigue. I know it because I experienced it. But sometimes I have to share with you stories that have far-reaching consequences, like the one below.

Ever since October 7, Hamas apologists and Hamas leaders themselves have claimed no rapes occurred—just the cold-blooded murder of civilians. This, despite a plethora of evidence proving beyond the shadow of doubt that Hamas terrorists raped and humiliated Israeli girls and women. Even the anti-Israel UN has concluded that the evidence was “clear and convincing.” But the one thing that we have not seen is a living victim to come forward—until now.

Understandably, someone who has been raped by bloodthirsty terrorists might not want to come on camera or give a firsthand testimony. I can’t even begin to imagine the shame, the humiliation, the feeling of uncleanness, and having everyone know what you went through. I certainly don’t blame any victims of Hamas sexual violence for not coming forward.

But yesterday, we learned that released hostage Amit Soussana gave an eight-hour interview to the New York Times, sharing how she was forced to do sex acts on a Hamas terrorist with a gun to her head. While she is the first to come forward, she is certainly not the only one who suffered. Rumors persist that some hostages came home pregnant in November. I was personally told by a head nurse in one of Israel’s most prominent hospitals that the rumors were true. 

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The NY Times reported that “Ms. Soussana’s personal account of her experience in captivity is consistent with what she told two doctors and a social worker less than 24 hours after she was freed on Nov. 30.” One of the ways the criminal justice system seeks to prove that a rape or sexual assault occurred is to find out if the victim told anyone after it happened. In this case, the answer is clearly yes. By all accounts, “Ms. Soussana’s accounts have remained consistent.”

Only the most insensitive people would question why it took Ms. Soussana three months to publicly share her story. Or people who live in a primitive culture of violence…like Hamas leaders. Hamas spokesman Basem Naim “cast doubt on Ms. Soussana’s account, questioning why she had not spoken publicly about the extent of her mistreatment. He said the level of detail in her account makes ‘it difficult to believe the story unless it was designed by some security officers.’”

Mr. Naim can’t lie about the fact that she came back to Israel in the November hostage deal “with fractures in her right eye socket, cheek, knee and nose and severe bruising on her knee and back.” After her captor sexually assaulted her, he showed remorse, “I’m bad, I’m bad, please don’t tell Israel.”

The Times article is much longer and very detailed and needs to be read. As I write this probably more than 1 billion people around the world believe that Hamas are freedom fighters. They don’t believe that anyone was raped, unless it was Israeli soldiers doing it to their own people. One tweet read, “Nobody rapes Israeli women but Israelis themselves” (Times of Israel).

One more thing…

Last Sunday, Jamila al-Hissi claimed she had been trapped in the Shifa hospital for six days while Israeli soldiers “raped women, kidnapped women, executed women, and pulled dead bodies from under the rubble to unleash their dogs on them.” Al Jazeera ran with this story, but had to pull it down a few hours later when al-Hissi confessed that she made it up in order to “arouse the nation’s fervor and brotherhood.”

The fact is that the war with weapons is far less effective than the war of words spread through social media around the world. While millions believed the lie, how many will ever hear the truth?

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Harry Truman
Harry Truman
09 เม.ย.

Nice article Hasbara bot


Kim Droptiny
Kim Droptiny
28 มี.ค.

I have no Israeli/Hamas fatigue. If one loves Israel, there is no fatigue! The Hamas attack MUST be kept alive for people to pray and see truth. Thank you for bringing this story and honoring the victims.

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