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Rep. Omar: Transgender Women (bio-men) should compete against Biological Females

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar asked the Minnesota Attorney General to allow men (trans-women) to compete against women in powerlifting. She says:

“The myth that trans-women have a ‘direct competitive advantage’ is not supported by medical science.”

The Myth that Wasn’t

Yes, that is why the NBA and NFL and PGA and MLB and NHL are full of women. (For those who do not follow sports, this statement is satirical. There are no women in any of those sports.)

And, if there is no competitive advantage, why can’t she (he) compete against men in the same weight class…why even have gender class in sports if there is no science backing up the ‘myth’ that men are different than women? What is clear to any human with half a brain is the idea that men are stronger than women. Why has no woman come close to breaking even one record set by men in track and field? (By the way, that is the definition of scientific proof!)

To be clear, this is not a knock against women–God forbid–we are simply made differently, with different strengths. My wife is a strong, bold woman whom I value greatly. That is the beauty of God’s creation. The New Testament was a breakthrough document in valuing women. Yeshua’s defense of the woman caught in adultery was completely counterculture.

Here’s some real science

The fastest woman in the world is 10% slower than the fastest male in 100 meters. She is 25% slower in the 400 meters. Allowing men who identify as women to compete against biological females is not only not fair; it is silly, a parody!

If you want fairness, then have a competition for males who identify as females. It is not “inclusion” to bring biological males into a female competition. If biology does not decide gender, then there is no such thing as gender. There are no women or men, just millions of humans. But, amazingly, every human being is born with the characteristics of one of two possibilities; dare I say, male or female. Yes, someone may go through some confusion emotionally as to gender and may even feel that they are part of the other gender. But, when it comes to sports, this should not enter the equation.

Let me prove it to you. And this isn’t meant to mock anyone. Look at the transgender female below.

It is the former world champion powerlifter Matt Kroczaleski, now Janae Marie Kroc. Just one question: Is there another female in the world, as strong as him? Answer: NO! Why? Because the female body does not have the capacity to put on that much muscle. Imagine him competing against biological women in the heavyweight division. And Congresswoman Omar says there is no scientific evidence that he would have an advantage over biological women. I would say there is no scientific evidence that progressives will not say or do anything to impose a nonsensical politically correct agenda on America.

What happen to being the pro-woman party? How does this advance women’s right when you allow males to dominate them in competition.

Rep. Omar is concerned that the transgender community is “one of the most at-risk communities in the world,” and that continuing the myth that men are stronger “continues to stoke fear and violence against.” I maintain the opposite. Allowing biological males who identify as females to compete against biological women will stir up far more anger against transgenders for cheating, than if they competed against their own biological gender.

And if Representative Omar is so concerned about transgenders, then the Islamic lawmaker should focus on the Islamic world, where one can be murdered for being transgender. A man was recently killed in Egypt by his father, because he wanted to change his sex. I am pretty sure that no Iranian lawmakers are calling for allowing transgenders complete in Olympics.

Instead, she focuses her attacks on Israel, one the most transgender tolerant countries in the Middle East.

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