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Prayer Requests August 5th, 2012 (from israel and other parts of the world!)

Shalom Dear Friend!

Hi Everyone, July was one CRAZY month and as busy as it was, we probably saw more favor poured out on our ministry than ever before. I will share more in the August newsletter, but let me just say THANK YOU so much for standing in prayer for us.

You know sometimes when ministers and overseas emissaries ask for support, we like to throw in, “and your prayers too” … Well beloved, I have learned, often the hard way, that more can be done in a few hours of serious prayer than a month of hard work. Elana and I are just so unbelievably grateful that we do not have to carry this burden alone. Bless you!

prayer requests


Danielle is finishing her week of service and ministry in Costa Rica. She paid $300 (which is not easy to earn in Israel, where salaries are very low) and YOU, our partners provided the rest. I won’t sugar coat this—she got off to a rough start. She was expecting to spend the week with a bunch 20-somethings, and it turned out that her group was much older. The first day was a disaster from a father’s point of view. But I was quickly reminded, that just because we have certain expectations, doesn’t mean that God doesn’t have a different plan. However the Lord has graciously come through for her. She has just one more day to go, and she has had a blast albeit, working very hard! The picture tells it all. Pray that God reveals to her exactly why this trip was different and what He wanted her to learn from it. (that is Danielle in the picture above in Costa Rica)


Elana is in the US for a bit longer. She needed the rest and it gives her some time to visit many of our friends and supporters. While I love to keep in touch with you all via Facebook, Twitter and email, she is aface-to-face person.

Please pray for her. We just received word of a person of significant means who would like to meet with her to discuss partnering with us. With the launching of a Young Adults outreach/ministry coming soon, this could be a great open door. But even if not, MMI has never been dependent on super large donors, but people and congregations who have made significant and sacrificial regular, steady monthly commitments. We love you!


Sharon is somewhere between Richmond and Chicago, on her way to a friend from Israel’s wedding. She is about to give her media resume to a major Christian Media outlet in the US. Please pray for God’s will for her.


Yael, steady little Yahu (please don’t ever call her that or I will be in serious trouble) is finishing up two more months in the Army. She will take a break afterwards and then would like to study baking at a professional level. Please pray for blessing, joy and victory, and super closeness to Yeshua. 

ron preaching in herbew tomorrow! yikes!

I am preaching tomorrow at Tiferet Yeshua, our home congregation. I always get really nervous before I preach in Hebrew. Most of the time it turns out good; I just wish it didn’t take so long to prepare. I will be meeting with one of the congregants today who is fluent in English and Hebrew to go over my message. That always helps. I will be teaching on how to find our security in God…you should be seeing a blog on that subject very soon. I am using the example of David after his family and soldiers were kidnapped. (1 Sam 30)

identity theft update

We have been receiving amazing reports about Identity Theft (the book) … It is beyond our wildest dreams, or maybe I should say“above and beyond all that I could ask or imagine.” (Eph. 3:20) A pastor from NH, where virtually every member bought the book said, “I think everyone has finished your book and asking when the next one will come out!!! We all loved it!!!”

Last week, through a few crazy circumstances, we had lunch with the co-host of the largest Christian Television show in the US. It seems there is a possibility (PRAY!!!) that they could do a piece on Identity Theft. And to be clear, this is not about book sales…I promise…there is message in that book that the church must hear and I know that the Lord had me rewrite it as a novel to reach a far wider audience—people who never would have picked up a teaching book. Please pray this book hits its intended mark—and nothing more. 

maoz media filming sunday

Lastly, I will be going out with our Maoz media team on Sunday to film three important videos on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Chaim Goldberg, who has returned from a stint at Fox News, is doing an amazing job overseeing the team! On these videos, we are using material that is not often covered during this season. Plus, we have hired a personal video photographer and editor to do it in super high quality. That means that after my message on Shabbat, I will come home and rest…wake up and start writing three scripts for the next day (PRAY FOR ME!!! 🙂

Bless you!!! Thank you for your praying for YOUR ministry here in Israel!

From Zion to the Ends of the Earth (Acts 1:8),


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