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[Podcast 36] Will Israel Bomb Iran? Israeli X-Factor! Proof from an Orthodox Rabbi that Yeshua is th

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Ron Cantor and the Maoz Media team bring you the 36th episode of the Maoz Israel Report Podcast!

Join us as Ron Cantor and Tal Guinness discuss the latest news in Israel.

  1. Why Ron watches the Israeli version of X-Factor?

  2. Israel could bomb Iran within a month.

  3. Why Palestinians will be celebrating tonight?

  4. What do Ron and Tal think about John McArthur’s Strange Fire?

Tune in to find out!

Ron then shares a short teaching: Proof from an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi that Jesus is definitely the Messiah of Israel and the nations!

At the end of the podcast stay tuned to hear a Messianic medley – by Heart of Galilee from the album Eternally Grateful. Here is their contact info:

Facebook: Heart of Galilee

Show Notes:

This broadcast of the Maoz Israel Report Podcast is brought to you by “Maoz Israel Ministries”

Contact Ron:

Ron on Twitter: @ronscantor

Maoz on Twitter: @maozisrael

Identity Theft Book by Ron Cantor:

From news headlines:

YouTube video with Moshe Peretz:

The music is from Heart of Galilee. Here is their info: Facebook: Heart of Galilee

Autistic boy on Israeli X Factor:

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