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Nothing escapes God's eyes

Shabbat Shalom!

Earlier this week, I wrote to you about the two men who were rescued by Israel's elite Yamam unit. They were just sharing on the news how the soldiers escaped under fire by putting the two former hostages in the middle and surrounding them. They risked their lives to save these two men.

Now contrast that with Gaza’s elite Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists. Not only would they not risk their lives to protect their fellow Palestinians, they actually use them as human shields. While the world is concerned about the supposed 30,000 deaths in Gaza (it may be a correct number, but we have no way of knowing), the Hamas elites want the number to be even higher. They know that the more Palestinians that die, the more the world will mistakenly feel sorry for them.

I noticed that one CNN journalist, Christiane Amanpour, tweeted critically that Israel was in Gaza's last functioning hospital. She failed to mention that hostages had been held in that hospital.

The Israeli soldiers found boxes of medicine inside with the names of hostages on them. This was the medicine that was given to Hamas several weeks ago for hostages; medicine no one ever delivered to those who desperately needed it.

Meanwhile, President Biden is working with Arab states to push for a Palestinian state. I am not automatically against the idea of the Palestinians having their own country (Technically, they got one in 1922 called Jordan!), but doing anything now is nothing but a reward for the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust. I thought we didn’t negotiate with terrorists. And who is going to lead this new state? Hamas? Islamic Jihad? Or maybe the corrupt Mahmoud Abbas and the PLO that has been stealing from the Palestinians for decades.

Terror in the South

This morning, there was a terror attack not far from where we live in southern Israel. Two Israelis were murdered, and four others were injured when an Arab terrorist opened fire on a bus station. An off-duty reserve soldier sprang into action and killed the terrorist.

Despite it all, we know that God has called us here, and we are keeping our eyes on Yeshua! It was great to be with our congregation today for worship. Asher Intrater brought an encouraging message, reminding us that ultimately, we will have victory—we will reign with Yeshua in the age to come. And yet, we want to fully identify with our people who are suffering from fear, trauma, and tragedy.

Yesterday, I took a few pictures of the Mediterranean Sea as a storm formed over the water. The beauty and the violence of it all reminded me that nothing escapes God's eyes.

Thank you for your prayers and partnership! It is a comfort to know we are not alone.

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