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NBA uses the Wrong Bathroom; Moves All-Star Game from N.C.

Today the NBA, pressured by the LBGT community and liberal elites in corporate America, pulled their All Star Game out of Charlotte, N.C. because North Carolina does not embrace a radical policy that would allow grown men into the bathrooms and locker rooms where girls can be seen dressing.

Last night I saw and amazing commercial.

A man who has always known he was a female, trapped in a male body, fully transitioned to a woman. He was in a café with his friends—male and female. And the hard-faced, bigoted evil shop owner runs her down as she seeks to enter the women’s bathroom making it clear that he belongs with the boys. He (meaning the man dressed as a woman) was horrified and embarrassed. Then an African American woman came to her defense as a white woman exited the bathroom. Oh—but first we get to see the inside of the men’s bathroom. The storeowner opens the door for her to go in and there is a group of young men, who look at the transgender like he is a freak.

As a man, with lots of experience in the men’s bathrooms, groups of men don’t hang out, chatting it up. We take care of business and get out.

Any way… the white woman takes her into the women’s bathroom, shaming the mean storeowner.

This commercial is excellent in presenting a ridiculous scenario that rarely takes place—if ever.

I would like to make another commercial based on a real story. Sean Patrick Smith who goes by Shauna Patricia Smith entered into a target dressing room as a woman. He then videoed or photographed a woman by reaching over the wall with his phone. While we were assured that these things would never happen as a result of allowing transgenders in the dressing rooms, locker rooms and bathrooms, it has… and how many more times where the perp was not caught. What if it was not a grown woman that he photographed, but your young daughter?

If you are uncomfortable with this, then the NBA’s got news for you: You are a mean-spirited, Homophobe! A CBS/NYT poll found that 48% to 41% of Americans think that people should use the bathroom that connects with their biology (meaning if you were born and man, you should go to the men’s bathroom). But the NBA is not about lining up with American values, but changing them. And now, in order to do that, they will have to change cities.

Here is a great alternative. The NBA does more business in China than probably any other nation, save the United States. Why not move the game there? Oh…that’s rights…

  1. Sweat shops

  2. Religious persecution

  3. Massive human rights violations

  4. Tibet

  5. Force Abortions—(or wait, they probably are for that)

And here lies the hypocrisy of the NBA. They are willing to take a bold stand in Charlotte that will cost them nothing. But Adam Silver and the NBA have nothing to say about the evil abuses that take place in China, there partner in business. I wouldn’t have such a problem with their North Carolina issue, if they had the economic guts to take on China—but they don’t. We call that hypocrisy.

Though I have a tiny small voice, and I can’t even imagine that any NBA player will read this, I still will issue a challenge to any NBA player who loves children and wants to protect them, to boycott the All-Star game if it is not played in Charlotte. Steph Curry, are you listening?

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