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Isn't Jesus for the Gentiles, not the Jews?

Why do Jewish people find it so difficult to accept Yeshua as the JEWISH Messiah?

It’s complex…and yet, simple.

For the next several weeks, on Messianic Monday, we will be sharing a short video where I address seven of these Jewish objections to Jesus and walk us through passages in the Hebrew Bible (or Old Testament) that sound like they could be from the New—they describe Jesus in so much detail!

Today, I share about my own journey of coming to faith and my struggles with whether I was “still Jewish.”

These videos are a new part of our outreach at Shelanu TV (our 24-7 Hebrew digital gospel-sharing channel in Israel). Please pray that these messages reach thousands of Israelis and that their eyes would be open to see that Yeshua is indeed their long-awaited Jewish Messiah. And share them with your Jewish friends!

Until all Israel is saved (Rom.11:26),

Ron Cantor

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Most Jews are aware of 2000 years of Christian persecutions in that name, and say, "If that is the Good News, then what is the BAD news?" Elhanan.

Edward Prah
Edward Prah
Aug 20, 2023
Replying to

I believe Ron speaks of the divorce of the Church from anything Jewish. Interesting how people who believe in a Jewish Messiah can persecute Jewish people when it says no where in the Bible for us to do so. Now people want to unhitch the Torah and instead of praising God on Shabbat, we praise football players (men). Satan dug a pit for me to fall in at the age of 12 and I ended up making my bed in Sheol. I am 40 and I am suffering with the Messiah from demonic attacks I don't want to describe. I am not sure why Yeshua allowed His Name to be blasphemed so long, but I wait for the Day His…


CAI France
CAI France
Aug 18, 2023

Le Messie que nous avons la grâce de connaître, nous non -juifs est votre Messie ! Il vous chérit !


Esther Adkins
Esther Adkins
Aug 14, 2023

JESUS came to save everyone, both Jews and Gentiles!

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