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December 20th Strategic Day for Hong Outreach

I won’t go into deep detail here, but we have settled on our next outreach for the Isaiah 2 Initiative.

We will be returning to Nigeria and holding a five day mass outreach campaign, believing the Lord for 100,000 souls. The gospel will go forth from Israel with sign and wonders. I know many of you will want to partner with us on this, sending Israelis to the nations with the gospel, here are some prayer requests:

  1. For Rev. Mike Moses who will be hosting a luncheon in Hong on Dec. 20th with pastors and leaders. (See below for more info)

  2. For the right team. We are looking to take 12 Israelis maximum.

  3. For our entire budget to come in, roughly $52,000 dollars which includes 12 half-scholarships for the Israeli participants (about $900 apiece).

  4. And immediately infusion of funds so Pastor Mike Moses, our man in Nigeria, can begin advertising.

  5. That the Lord would prepare us with humility, anointing and grace to preach the awesome, life-saving message of Yeshua.

  6. No hiccups! Last year we preached (according to our African brothers) to over 100,000 people over five nights. However there were nights when the sound went out, the lights went out, and more. Once we ran out of gas for the generator simply because the person in charge wasn’t prepared. We learned a lot! Pastor Mike is making sure this doesn’t happen again, but the most effective thing we can do is intercede and come against the powers of darkness, so we don’t lose the power of electricity.

  7. Safety for all involved.

  8. The funds to buy our own sound system to make sure that nothing keeps the gospel from going forth…loudly! (an additional $20,000 miracle!) We will be able to use this for all our outreaches.

Thank you for caring about the Messiah’s Mandate to take the good news into all the world.

This is going to take a massive team effort. Assuming we reach our goal of 100,000 souls, and the budget stays at $72,000 (including the sound system), that is only 72¢ per person!

For the cost of a gallon of gas we can reach three people! A Starbucks cappuccino will reach 5 people!

Right now, we have an immediate need of $2,000. Pastor Mike is hosting a pastor’s luncheon on December 20th. This is a very strategic meeting, as many young people will be home from School. They will take flyers back with them after the holiday to reach their friends. December 20th is GO DAY and we need to hit hard. The better we prepare the more souls will be reach. We need these funds within the next few days.

Please click this link to use PayPal to make a generous donations

Just 10 people giving $100 will meet the need. (That’s 100 souls per giver!)


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