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Day 60— Israel in Crisis

I don't know if you saw the video of the hostages being released from Hamas captivity, but they were carefully choreographed to show happy Israelis waving goodbye to their friends at Hamas. You can hear one of the terrorists telling their captives to “keep smiling.”

Somehow, they think that even though they have their faces covered and are carrying machine guns, people will be convinced that they actually treated their hostages with care. We now know that the Israelis who were returned were drugged with tranquilizers.

At a Knesset Health Committee meeting on Tuesday, a Health Ministry representative said that the hostages recently freed from captivity in Gaza were given tranquilizer pills by Hamas before their release.

The drugging would have been aimed to make the hostages appear calm and happy after suffering physical abuse, deprivation, and psychological terror in Gaza for more than 50 days.

Dr. Hagar Mizrahi, head of the Health Ministry’s medical division, specifically named the drug as Clonazepam. (Times of Israel)

The antisemitism that has been unleashed on the world is unprecedented. It can be found in nearly every nation. In Canada, 17 of 70 buses failed to show up to take pro-Israel demonstrators to a rally.

A similar thing took place in Washington, DC, a few weeks ago. Apparently, hundreds of pro-Israel demonstrators were stranded at the airport when charter buses refused to take them to the rally at the National Mall.


Ron at Brownville tomorrow

I am greatly appreciative that Pastor Evon Horton invited me to share at Brownsville church in Pensacola tomorrow night regarding the atrocities of October 7th and what it means for the Church. If you are in the greater Pensacola area, I hope you can attend. If not, we will post the message online.

I just did an interview with Jimmy Evans. It should air tomorrow. He said regarding my book Birth Pangs that it reads as if I wrote it last month. In it, we predicted that Israel would soon be the “new abortion,” meaning that Israel would be an issue as divisive as abortion has been. I wrote that in July of 2020 and now we are living it. You can get a free digital copy at our website.


Helping Soldiers Keep a Roof Over Their Heads

Thanks to your generosity, we have been able to help these three soldiers (two pictured here) pay the rent for November and December. While they serve, they are not getting paid their normal salary.

Thank you for standing with them; it is a powerful witness.


Computers for kids

We received just over $7000 in commitments yesterday for computers for kids in northern Israel. Many of them are not able to study because of the threat of missile attacks from Hezbollah on the northern border. We plan to make a donation of $10,000. Please consider helping us reach that mark. We are grateful to Paul Wilbur and his team for donating $5000 to this cause.

If this were just an issue between Israel and Hamas, I could see things going back to normal in a few weeks. But the world has taken its stand against the Jewish people. But don't be shocked. This is exactly what the Bible said would happen. Take a few minutes and read Psalm 2. It is about the kings of the world, who represent the people of the world, taking their stand against God, the Messiah, and Jerusalem.

Take heart friends, God is on our side.


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