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Day 59— Israel in Crisis

What a weekend! I flew Saturday morning to Anaheim and was preaching at 5 pm for The Rock. Then the next morning, we had three services at the same congregation. I am not used to preaching the same message four times in a row—but I was surprised at the grace God gave me.

Pastor Jerry Dirmann and his team are true friends of Israel. They gave me complete freedom, and we didn’t hold back. In light of the October 7th attack on Israel, this was one of the most important messages I have ever given. Please watch this and share it with others. I have to warn you, it is not for the faint of heart.

Brownsville Meeting

Elana just landed in Israel, and I will head home next week. I am in Pensacola filming for GOD TV. If you live near Pensacola, please come on Wednesday night, when I will be sharing a similar message. Services start at 6 pm.

Computers for Kids

We are partnering with the city of Akko and the Messianic leader of the Tikkun Israel congregation in Akko, Guy Cohen. The chairman of the city council wrote us. Let me share a a snippet, translating from Hebrew.

“Difficult days have come to the nation of Israel. Thirty-two neighborhoods have been evacuated in the Western Galilee. Some students are learning from a distance, and some are transported by us to educational institutions … Most of the students received laptops, but we need 60 more and 20 tablets.”

We are working with Guy’s ministry to raise $40,000. We told Guy that we would donate $10,000. You can’t imagine what it is like to be at war. These kids are being bombed, not by Hamas in the south, but by Hezbollah in the north. But they have to continue to study. You can put a laptop in their hands. Who knows, you might help raise up the next Israeli scientist or computer genius. Here is what we do know—God is calling his body to stand with Israel. Israel needs to see God’s love through believers.

Every day, I hear stories of more and more antisemitic vitriol against the Jews. Recently, actress Susan Sarandon said that US Jews who are afraid now understand what American Muslims feel like. In other words, Jews deserve it. (As if US Jews are persecuting US Muslims.)

The Bible predicted international racism against Jews (Zech. 12:2-3). But God also is using his body to express his love to Israel in her time of need.

Thank you for being Israel’s champion!

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