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Day 55 — Israel in Crisis

I met Dovev shortly after the war began in his moshav (farming neighborhood), about 15 minutes from Gaza. We sat on his front porch, snacking on nuts as he told me about the hundred men he leads in the north. He had 24 hours of leave to see his wife and children before he had to get back to the upper Galilee to fight Hezbollah.

He had heard that we had been helping soldiers and survivors. He told me the needs of his unit. They’re unique handles that are added to a Uzi to make them more stable and accurate.

I am not in the business of war!

Now before I go on, let me be clear. I am absolutely not in the business of war. But Hezbollah, with its hundreds of thousands of missiles, is targeting Israel’s northern population. If they were never to express another act of aggression towards Israel, there would be complete peace. We have no issue with Lebanon. But they hate us, and they want to destroy us.

Dovev also told me how Hezbollah had taken out their observation units. A group of engineers and scientists had worked together over a period of several days to recreate makeshift observation units. I have heard stories of soldiers peeking out of their tanks and getting shot because they could not see from inside the tank. It's a similar situation for Dovev. He asked if we would buy one of these for his unit. It was $6000, and we immediately said yes.

The video above is from one of the men in his unit who speaks good English. He wanted to thank you for your generosity. He understands that these funds are coming from believers from all over the world who love Israel and are standing with Israel even as the world continues to blame Israel for October the 7th.

I was just reading today how over 30 Harvard groups have said the acts of October the 7th are entirely the responsibility of Israel. Notice the date of the headline: October 9. They were reporting on what took place on October 8, the day after the massacre.

I saw another post on Instagram where a pro-Palestinian activist doubted whether any babies actually died on October 7th, and if they did, it was Israeli soldiers killing Israelis.

Anti-Semitism is mainstream. But I thank God that you are rejecting it and fighting against it.

As we come to the end of the year, I'm so blessed that you've chosen to fight this battle with us here at Messiah’s Mandate. We will never back down from protecting Israel. And at the same time we are going to share the good news of Yeshua the Messiah with the Jewish people. You are right here with us! Your partnership is making all of this possible.

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Shalom in Yeshua forever! Thanks for your sharing, it is vital to proper understanding of what is going on in Israel! Also. I truly want to visit Israel , please pray for favor with my wife Paula, so she will not be fearful but see GOD's timing & ability to encourage you & your fellow Jewish people with the IDF, thanks for your prayers, shalom in Yeshua forever! Pete Murphy of southern Indiana

( near Louisville, KY) member of Grace Tabernacle AG of Laconia ,In 47135 ...pray also for our pastor Greg Carter who is fighting cancer, his wife Ronda is his caregiver. Appreciate your help in praying for Greg a& Ronda Carter!

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