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Day 54 — Israel in Crisis

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

I want to thank everybody for your generosity yesterday during Giving Tuesday. We raised enough funds to cover the two needs that we shared with you and more.

Over the past two months, you have made such an impact on Israelis. They are simply confounded when I explain that this generosity is coming from followers of Jesus from all over the world. It's helping them see Jesus in a brand new light!

And that is our goal! It is absolutely been an honor to be able to help Israelis during this most difficult time. But my deeper desire is for their souls. Like I said yesterday, simply doing good works in the name of Yeshua is preaching the gospel. “A major problem for Christian evangelism,” writes Dallas Willard, “is not getting people to talk, but to silence those who through their continuous chatter reveal a loveless heart….”[1]

But to share the good news of Messiah in a very clear and direct way with love and compassion is our goal. I was praying this morning while walking in downtown Richmond. I felt the Lord drop a vision in my heart. There is no question that Israelis are searching right now. They're wondering, how could this happen? Where is God? Our friends at One for Israel, an excellent outreach ministry here in Israel, wrote in a recent newsletter about a Messianic IDF soldier. His family wrote:

“[Our son] continues to have opportunities to share his faith with fellow soldiers. He reports that the atmosphere among them is unlike anything he has ever experienced. They are actively seeking and asking questions about his faith in Yeshua! After his last home leave, he took back a stack of New Testaments to give away.”

We will produce an outreach video in Hebrew called Shalom Amiti—True Peace. It will feature several Israelis sharing how Yeshua has changed their life. Of course, we will address the current conflict and the incredible pain and anguish that we are experiencing on a national level. The answer is Yeshua! We know that God is opening up the eyes of Jewish people more and more every day. Not only is this prophesied in the Bible (Zech. 12:10, Matt. 23:39, Rom. 11:26), but we are seeing it in real-time.

We will post this on social media and invest $20,000 to ensure that Israelis see it. While we will continue to focus on meeting the practical needs of Israelis after the October 7 massacre, we will also continue to minister to the souls of his Israelis 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through Shelanu TV. With $20,000, we can guarantee that this video is seen in Hebrew by hundreds of thousands of Israelis. I know you want to make that happen! I know you are passionate about the salvation of Israel.

I also know that you want to be part of Israel’s awakening. Please consider a generous donation as we continue to raise funds towards the end of the year. We are committed to Israel’s physical and spiritual restoration. Just go to

Your year-end gift is going to meet Israel’s physical and spiritual needs. Together, we will see Kol Yisrael noshim—All Israel saved!

[1] Willard, The Spirit of the Disciplines, 165.

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1 Comment

Nov 29, 2023

I believe all Israel will be saved then Yeshua can come back. Halelujah!!!

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