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Day 44 — Israel in Crisis

Ron asked me (this is Lisa, his Exec. Asst) to get this update out to you today. He is on his way back to London after preaching in Cornwall, England this morning.

Ron's shirt says in Hebrew, “Return Them Home Now”

He will be speaking at a rally in London's famed Whitehall area (the hub for Parliament and the Prime Minister) being organized by a pro-Israel Christian group. They are expecting at least 10,000 people to show up in support of Israel.

Please be in prayer for Ron - for protection, physically and spiritually, and that he would speak boldly.

Below is a copy of the text of his speech today. As you will see, this is not an easy or light message to deliver. But "Never Again is Now."

Two weeks ago, I was invited with other faith-based journalists in Israel to view the footage that Israel had recovered from the bodies of Hamas terrorists. What I will share is unpleasant, but it must be told. Already, people have forgotten the Hamas atrocities of October 7th and the 242 primarily Israeli hostages. A young girl at a pro-Palestinian rally was asked what she thought of the Hamas invasion of Israel—she didn’t even know about it. This was just a few weeks after the attack.

In the footage, I saw a father and his two sons run outside to their safe room in their underwear at 6:30 am when sirens alerted them of incoming rockets. Moments later, Hamas terrorists came in and threw a grenade into the safe room. The father stumbled out half dead, and they shot him. They pulled the kids over their dead father and took them to the kitchen. These children were in complete shock, crying over their father’s death. “They killed Abba!” one cried. The other children had been blinded in one eye. But the terrorist was hungry. He rummaged through the refrigerator and seemed to ask the kids if there was something to eat. He took out a Coke and began to drink.

The mother came home later with security forces and found her dead husband. She collapsed. I don’t know what happened with the boys.

I watched as a dog came to protect his family, and the terrorists shot him. The dog kept coming. They shot him until he was dead.

I watched as they searched and found those hiding and shot them in cold blood. Motorists who had no idea of the Hamas invasion were shot dead as they approached the terrorists. Bodies fell out of cars, dead.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken told of a woman having her breasts cut off and her husband’s eye gauged out before they were both killed. A soldier gave eyewitness testimony of finding a baby in a burning oven. They obviously cooked the child in front of the parents before killing them both.

The terrorists themselves were overjoyed. I have never seen such happy people. If you didn’t know they were committing acts of barbarism, you would think they were at a wedding or sporting event. One called home to Gaza to his parents. He told them he was calling from the phone of a woman he killed. “Your son is a hero…I killed ten Jews with my bare hands,” He boasted.

These savages have found friends on college campuses in the US and on the streets of Europe.

· At George Washington University they projected on a building the words that call for another Jewish genocide, “Glory to our martyrs. Free Palestine from the river to the sea.”

· At Columbia University, Professor Joseph Massad called the slaughter “awesome.”[1]

· Another professor at Cornell, Russell Rickford, said he was “exhilarated” by the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas and called Israelis ‘irredeemable excrement.’[2]

· In Sydney, Australia, crowds gathered at the Sydney Opera House and chanted “Gas the Jews.”[3]

· A Harvard Task Force was formed to protect pro-Hamas students and a letter was written by professors rebuking their president for condemning antisemitism.

· People rejoiced at the news (of the slaughter) on the streets of Berlin, Toronto, Paris, and right here in London.

But where will the Church stand? When the Messiah returns to Jerusalem, the Bible says he will separate the people of the nations as sheep and goats. He will ask them how they treated his brothers—the Jewish people. Yes, the Sheep and the Goats prophecy is about the nations’ treatment of Israel.

Zech 14:16 says that all the survivors of nations will be summoned to Jerusalem to worship the Messiah. It is then that he will ask how did you treat the least of my brothers?

God is using Israel as a test for the world. Where will you stand? Israel has very few friends worldwide, but she has the Church. We will not give up until Hamas is destroyed and every hostage is returned! We speak to Hamas and say in the spirit, Let God’s people go!





Stories from Israel

On October 7, the Southern District Police in Israel were among the first to respond to the terrorists who had flooded across Israel's border from Gaza. Today's video shows how these officers and others bravely tried to defend innocent Israelis, even while greatly outnumbered. Warning: There are graphic scenes.

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Pieter van Staden
Pieter van Staden
Nov 21, 2023

Wearing T-shirts with writing on can help in fighting antisemitism among Christians. I have not seen many. Definitely a challenge for creative believers.

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