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Day 42— Israel in Crisis

Greetings from London!

This morning, we flew to the UK. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Tel Aviv airport emptier. Not even during corona. After we went through security and passport control, I passed the booth where the “Chabadnikim” try to get you to put on Tefillin and pray.

Tefillin refers to the two black boxes that you place on your head and arm. The idea comes from Deuteronomy 6 where the Lord says to, “Tie the commandments as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads.” It comes from the Hebrew word for prayer—tifila.

I never stop. But today I did. Today, I wanted to pray with them, to pray for peace, and to pray for the hostages to come home.

I am Messianic, not Orthodox. I don’t typically wear a kippa. But I felt I wanted to wear it in London. I wanted anyone who saw me to know that I am Jewish. When we arrived at the hotel, I was warned by the front desk not to wear it outside the hotel. They told me that there was going to be a Palestinian March in the morning with some 300,000 people and it would not be safe.

How crazy. A Jewish man can’t wear a kippa in London. Thus far, I have refused to take it off. I don’t want to be foolish, and I don’t want to invite trouble, but I also don’t want to give into this demonic intimidation.

Tomorrow, we head south to Cornwall, where I will preach on Sunday morning. The pastor boldly told me not to hold back when it comes to Israel. And then, on Sunday afternoon, I will be speaking at a pro-Israel Christian rally. While we are not expecting 300,000, the organizers are expecting about 10,000.

I’m about to ask you to pray for me. But let’s just take a moment and marvel over the fact that I felt completely safe in Israel, and I’m asking for prayer in London! That being said, please pray for our safety while we are here. We love you guys, and we need you guys.

We’re on this journey together!


Stories from Israel

A little girl, only 12 years old and on the autistic spectrum, was kidnapped along with her grandma and taken toward Gaza by the Hamas terrorists on October 7.

We must never forget this day!

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Praying for Jews everywhere, even my family.


May the best Holy Spirit fill your heart and soul with strong medicine to render asunder the demonic HAMAS spirit, establish victory in Israel and bring the hostages home. Grant intellectual honesty to rise up in those who hear your message and diffuse the emotionalism that fuels the fire of propaganda. May yours be the Holy fire 🔥 that redeems all of Israel, and even her enemies for a lasting peace.


Nadejda Melnic
Nadejda Melnic
Nov 17, 2023

Dear friends. You did the right choice. If I were you, I would do the same. Thank you for sharing with us your thoughts and your life. Go ahead. God is with you. Don't fear them. They will come and will go, but the word of God will remain forever. God bless Elana with a boldly spirit. We pray for you and we love you.❤️🙏

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