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Day 41— Israel in Crisis

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

When you lose your life, you save your life. We spend so much energy trying to make life good when true life comes easily when you simply serve others. Together, we have been able to be a blessing to a lot of people here in Israel in the aftermath of the Black Shabbat on October 7.

So many of you have made the decision to serve the Israeli people in their time of need. Everywhere I go, they tell me to thank our donors.

Today, I was really excited to take this brand-new computer to the Tel Hashomer Hospital in the section where Israeli soldiers are going through shikum (rehabilitation). Oded was moved here from Ashkelon the other day. Elana’s mother is right around the corner in a nursing home. We were able to get her into this place and cover the expenses because the government released war funds for those who needed to be moved from areas close to Gaza. We could never have afforded it without help. So, I dropped off Elana to spend time with her mother and headed over to the hospital to see Oded.

As you can see in the video, your gift really encouraged Oded and his mother!

I believe that God is building a lifelong connection between our family and Oded’s. He was so thankful for the computer. It’s a small gesture in light of the uphill battle he is beginning at this moment. Nevertheless, it does him good to know that so many people around the world care for him. And it all began when we met him by “accident” and snapped a picture with him before he went into Gaza.

Every day, more doors open, or I should say needs. And as long as we have the resources, we will do what we can to meet those needs. But please don’t ever feel pressure from me, God is looking for our generosity to come from joyfulness. He loves a cheerful giver (2 Cor 9:6-8).

And I know that God is going to bless you abundantly. He blesses us so that we can continue to be a blessing. As Robert Morris says, “We don’t give to get, we get to give.”

Thank you so much for joining us on this journey. I will be in Europe this weekend speaking in a church on Sunday morning and at a pro-Israel rally on Sunday afternoon. I don’t want to say where I will be, but I am asking for prayer as it is one of those cities where there have been far more against us than with us. And they’ve been vocal and violent. I’m not an orthodox Jew but I plan to wear a kippah on this trip. I want to identify as a Jew wherever I go. Again, your prayers are appreciated.

We love you guys and hope to see you over the next few weeks. We are going to celebrate Thanksgiving in Virginia and then do a little bit of ministry. And then, it’s back home to Israel to serve soldiers and survivors.

Let’s do this together!


Stories from Israel

The world is trying to ignore, forget, or deny that Hamas committed unbelievable atrocities in southern Israel a month ago. Today's news video is taken from security cameras at some of the Kitbbutzim (communal farms) that were attacked - everyone can see for themselves what the truth is.

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