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Day 27 — Israel in Crisis

Look who’s NOT protesting!

A shocking fact that every radical university campus needs to understand as they blame American Jews for what’s wrong in the world is that Israel’s Arabs are not protesting. Twenty percent of Israel’s population is Arab. You would expect that they would be out in the streets protesting Israel’s supposed war with Palestinian children. But they’re not.

And the reason they are not is very simple. They know that Israel is not at war with Palestinian children. They saw the images of what their ethnic brothers in Hamas did to thousands of Jewish people on October 7, now known as the Black Sabbath. They in no way would want to be associated with Hamas. They may not be fans of the Jewish nation in which they live, but they, like most normal people, were horrified by what they saw on their televisions when Hamas murdered 1400 people in cold blood, raped others, burned whole families alive, and more unspeakable things that have not yet been allowed on the airwaves.

They want nothing to do with that! You would have to be extremely sick and wicked to support it, like maybe a student at Harvard or Yale. However, the Arabs of Israel are not protesting because they understand the nature of what Hamas did.

Yesterday, several Knesset members were shown video footage taken off of the dead bodies of Hamas terrorists. The public has not yet seen this video, but when many of the MKs left the screening, they were visibly disturbed. They looked pale, many were in tears and were clearly in shock. The only reason we do not release that video is to protect the privacy of those who were mutilated by the terrorists.

They also understand what Hamas is doing to the people of Gaza, by not allowing them to flee to the south for safety. Hamas built its headquarters under a hospital. Every single person in that hospital is a human shield for the cowards of Hamas.

Israel could win this war in 10 minutes. We have that much firepower in our arsenal. Instead, because of our concern for the Palestinian people, we are sending our young men and women into Gaza to smoke them out of their hiding places. It would be much easier simply to bomb the hospital and the underground headquarters. But what might shock professors at Cornell or Columbia is that we are humane. We’re going to risk the lives of our own people to protect the lives of innocent Palestinians.

What level of sick does one need to be to force someone who is in the hospital suffering from a disease to use their body to protect you? That is what protesters all over the world are supporting.

And we have eyewitness testimony in Gaza of Hamas operatives shooting at Gazans trying to leave for the south. They have taken their keys and identification cards. If only the West understood the absolute bloodthirsty nature of Islamic fanaticism.

I saw the other day a demonstration where there was a big sign that said “queers for Palestine.” Do they not understand that if they lived in Gaza and were openly gay, they would probably be thrown off of a roof to their death? There is no LTGBQ movement in Gaza. Ironically, Tel Aviv is one of the most gay-friendly cities in the world, but the LTGBQ movement is supporting people who would use their behavior as a reason to kill them. I’m sure none of them are planning on immigrating to Gaza anytime soon.

Things are so ramped up with these protests on college campuses that Cornell University has canceled classes tomorrow because of antisemitic threats.

I’ve spent much of the last month meeting with soldiers. The other day you saw 36 of them eating shawarmas that you provided for them. This morning, I was on the phone with two of them that we were working with to get them the helmets and other equipment they needed. These young men and women are so sweet. They’re computer engineers and students. They’re small business owners and gas station attendants. They come from every walk of life in Israel, and the last thing on their mind is killing Palestinian children. They don’t want to be in a war. They’re going to Gaza to get rid of Hamas, not to repeat the sins of Hamas on the Palestinian people. They are of a completely different character than the people they’re fighting.

My heart breaks when I think of these young men and women going in and risking their lives for me. So, we’re doing all we can to protect them—from prayer to provisions. A remnant of about 1000 soldiers are Messianic. They play a dual role, both as soldiers and as witnesses to their fellow soldiers.

Your gifts have made a huge difference in the lives of so many people already. We don’t know how long this war is going to last, but it doesn’t look to be short. I want to thank you so much for your generosity, and as you have grace, please continue to give. We commit to you to make sure that your gifts are going to help soldiers and minister to survivors of the October 7th Black Sabbath. We love you so much.

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