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Day 26 — Israel in Crisis

We will not have time today to go through all the news in Israel because I am driving to Jerusalem for a prayer meeting with other believers over the situation in Israel. I do want to invite you to join us, along with the GOD TV family (I am also the Israel Regional Director for GOD TV), for 24 hours of prayer and fasting starting tomorrow night at 6 p.m. Israel time.

Last night, we sent out an appeal so we could buy helmets for 22 soldiers. I am absolutely blown away by your generosity. Each time we put out the call, you respond. Within one hour, we had all the funds needed for the helmets—and then some! I told Ran (the soldier who came to us) this morning, and he was shocked. We will be transferring funds ASAP and getting these young men bulletproof helmets!

In addition to the helmets (and other vital supplies you have helped provide for our troops), your generosity in the name of Yeshua is bringing healing to communities on the southern border with Gaza that were devastated on Oct. 7th. Some of these small towns and Kibbutz had a fourth of their property destroyed or as many as 100 people killed. Many of their civil defense squads (armed neighborhood watches) were murdered.

Their loss can only be compared to those suffered in another catastrophic event in our recent history—the Holocaust.

With your help, we are helping them to pick up the pieces and rebuild. You are making an unbelievable difference in their lives. Everywhere we go, we tell the people that the gifts are from believers in Jesus in America and Europe.

We thank the Lord for you. This has been a very difficult season, but your generosity is becoming a glimmer of hope during a very dark season.

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