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Day 25 — Israel in Crisis


The Need

Last night, we slept with the windows open. At about 1:00 AM, I had to close them because of the noise. I estimate that every five to ten seconds, we could hear tank fire. Tank fire is a lot better than rocket fire! Rocket fire from Hamas is preceded by sirens. The tank fire was still going when we woke up at 6:30. Israelis referred to the sound of an explosion as a “boom,” using the English word. As I explained last night’s experience to a soldier I met with later in the day, he called them Boomim Tovim—Good Booms.

I certainly don't mean to make light of it, but I can only imagine how the soldiers feel who have been tasked to dismantle Hamas after the horrific Black Sabbath attacks on October 7th. I was meeting with this soldier because he and 21 others in his unit do not have proper helmets! I love my country, but the bureaucracy is becoming deadly. We were not prepared to outfit over 300,000 reserve soldiers. Many still do not have bulletproof vests, and this group does not have proper helmets. His Kurdish Jewish mom knew the way to our hearts and prepared traditional kuba, which was delicious!

We need to raise $11,000 to buy 22 military-grade helmets. We have already located them in the country, and we just need to make payment. I hope you can trust me. This is no joke. People have been unbelievably generous, but it goes out as quickly as it comes in. Today, we gave a $10,000 gift to rebuild a civilian security team at Kibbutz Hofit. Yesterday, we paid for three soldiers' apartment rent for November because they got called up to miluim (reserve duty) and cannot work. As I rode my bike this morning, I saw a group of soldiers getting ready to eat breakfast. I told them I would be back in 30 minutes to pay. When we came back, they would not let us pay!

But for lunch, we bought 35 shawarmas for soldiers bordering Gaza. My point is the more generous you are, the more lives you are going to change! And these funds are really going to the need.

So please help these soldiers with helmets! Here is one of them explaining the need.


Rude Awakening

Just after 4:00 PM here in Ashkelon, I heard several booms in the sky. I think about eight. I could hear sirens off in the distance, so I knew I was safe. I went to our balcony and looked to our neighboring city, Ashdod, and could see two puffs of smoke rising from the ground. Apparently, two rockets got through the Iron Dome and hit targets.

Four people were wounded in the two strikes. The Magen David Adom ambulance service (our version of the Red Cross) is reporting that they are “treating a 50-year-old man in serious condition with shrapnel injuries, and three men aged 64, 46, and 35 in light condition, who were hit by glass shards.” (Times of Israel)

The danger is not merely from rockets but the shrapnel. The resisim, as we call it, can spray the surrounding area like a machine gun. Below is a video I took yesterday at an elementary school playground here in Ashkelon. You can see the impact from the shrapnel at the end. Just imagine if kids were playing!


The Agony of the Parents

This morning, i24 News shared some footage from our Hebrew channel N12 but added English. One of the ways to remember the hostages and to mourn the dead is to hear the stories of their surviving family members.


The News

Mother of rescued soldier gives thanks to God

A day after the IDF and special forces rescued Pvt. Ori Megidish from the grip of Hamas in Gaza, her mother issued a tearful and joyous message of thanks to God and Israel's security forces Tuesday.

Megidish said her prayers were still with the 240 or more who remain missing or kidnapped.

Her daughter, Ori, was an observation soldier and was taken captive by Hamas three weeks ago when terrorists stormed the Nahal Oz base.

IDF Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari said Megidish had provided the military with important intelligence from inside the Gaza Strip by recalling everything she saw during her captivity.


Prayer Requests

  • That all the hostages would come home.

  • That the world would see the truth about what happened on October 7th. Pray the UN would condemn Hamas (which, shockingly, they still have not done).

  • For protection over the IDF, as well as innocent Arabs in Gaza.

  • For the destruction of Islamic Jihad philosophy and the elimination of Hamas in Gaza.

  • For supernatural visitations from Yeshua to Israelis and Palestinians. Lord, reveal yourself!

  • That we would be able to say YES to every real need that comes our way!

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