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Day 13 — Israel in Crisis

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

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Update on Bullet Proof Vests


This morning on Channel 12 news, they interviewed a young couple. They had to postpone their wedding because of the war. Alexi was called up to reserves. He went to his commander and asked if they could do something small—not a wedding—for them. The commander said no.

Later, Alexi was called into a meeting, and he saw cameras. He thought it must be an interview. Suddenly, he saw someone dressed in white. It was Adina in a wedding dress. He was “b’helem miklat” (in complete shock). His unit had arranged a wedding behind his back. Adina said, “A wedding it is a happy event. In times like these, every happy event is [even more] meaningful.”

The Dogs Who Suffered

In the Arab world, calling someone a dog is an insult. "In Islam, dogs are viewed as ritually impure, with even the sight of a dog during prayer is thought to wield power that nullifies the most fervent of prayers."

So when 1,500-plus terrorists attacked Israel, they cared little for the dogs. In my world, a dog is man's best friend! I love dogs. So, when this story came on the Israeli news this morning, I wanted to share it with you. No translation needed!

Dogs are saved and reunited with their owners. The final slide says in Hebrew, "Together, we will overcome."


A young man was interviewed this morning. He was supposed to talk about how Hamas murdered his girlfriend of many years. However, when they went to interview him he burst into tears. He could not regain his composure and they had to move on. This young man is a man's man. He's built like a rock. But he was broken as he witnessed her death with his own eyes.

They came back to him later, and he recounted how she was murdered. He talked about blood running down her face. And then he got angry and said, “Not one tank showed up for five f***** hours!” Sometimes you need to leave the expletive in. This is something we will have to figure out in the days to come. How could our southern border have been so porous?


British PM arrives

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak showed up in Jerusalem one day after the US president was in Israel. Netanyahu met him in a black dress shirt, forgoing his normal suit and tie, causing some pundits to wonder if he was not mimicking the wartime look of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Herzog Rebukes BBC with PM Sunak

President Herzog also met with him. And took him to task regarding the antisemitism of the BBC:

“We feel that the way the BBC characterizes Hamas is a distortion of the facts. We are dealing with one of the worst terror organizations in the world, and I know that in modern democracies such as yours and ours, you cannot intervene per se, but because the BBC has a certain linkage and it is known as Britain as such all over the world, there has to be an outcry so that there will be a correction, and Hamas will be defined as a terror organization. ”

“What else do they need to see to understand that this is an atrocious terror organization?” Herzog asked.

The BBC refuses to term Hamas “terrorists.” (Times of Israel)

Israel hate-fest planned at the Marriott

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the Marriott in Arlington, Virginia, is hosting an anti-Israel conference. Notorious antisemite Linda Sarsour, is one of the guest speakers. She was kicked out of the Women’s March for her antisemitic activities. There is no solidarity with Palestine without condemning Hamas who murders Palestinians without concern. No doubt this will be an Israel hate fest.

Call the Marriott and express your concern:

Twitter @MarriottBonvoy

Phone: +1 800-627-7468

Two senior Hamas officials were killed overnight.

Prayer requests:

  • Pray for the supernatural release of all hostages, especially women and children.

  • Pray for God's protection to be like a canopy over Israel. Satan could not touch Job as long as there was a hedge of protection. Pray for a hedge of protection over Israel.

  • Pray that world leaders will continue to see the difference between the Jewish democracy and the Islamic terror groups.

  • Pray for the release of these bulletproof vests from customs, and pray that every soldier would be completely outfitted.

  • Pray that terrorists will have visitations from Yeshua like Paul did.

Thank you!

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