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Day 104 – His daughter is STILL captive in Gaza

Yesterday was another emotional day. Elana and I took a dear friend of ours to lunch. He knows just about everybody in the Kibbutz world. He is one of the leaders of a kibbutz in the Negev Desert. On October 7, he was called to duty. He was traumatized by that day, but still is serving and overseeing the military administration for the evacuees in the northern Negev area. He confessed to us his need to see somebody for PTSD.

As we were waiting for him, a group of five came to the restaurant. I recognized one of them as the father of a young lady who was kidnapped and who has been in Gaza for over 100 days. His other daughter spoke powerfully on the 100th day event at Hostage Square in Tel Aviv. We told him that we saw him and his daughter speak the other day and told him that we are praying for his other daughter to come home soon. That is him in the picture above.

The restaurant is called Hantahon shel Hani, which simply means Hani’s Victory. It’s a Romanian restaurant that was started by her parents when it was called Victory—commemorating the victory over the Nazis. They were Holocaust survivors from Romania. The restaurant closed down several years ago because of Corona after a 70-year run.

Hani reopened it in a new location but closed again in the wake of October 7. But then, two days later, tragedy struck again. Her brother was the manager of a farm in the area near Gaza. On October 9, he received special permission to go feed the cows who had not eaten for three days. Two terrorists who had not yet been captured had been hiding there and ambushed him when he arrived, murdering him.

She reopened recently.

There I was in this tiny restaurant, packed with people. It was crazy. I was sitting with a commander who was actively involved defending Israel on October 7 and suffering from the effects. Across from us was the father of a female hostage. Serving us was the sister of someone who was murdered by Hamas terrorists on October 9. I could barely hold back tears.

And yet they were joyful. Eating. Talking. Hani served free whiskey toasts to customers (I am just reporting). Life goes on, and yet it stands still, at the same time. Beneath the exterior that is ignoring reality, trying to find a few minutes of peace and comfort in community with friends, is deep pain that manifests when alone.

We Need Help Still!

I do believe this is God’s hour for believers to show Yeshua’s love to Israel. I get anti-Semitic messages sent to me every day. But I believe in God’s covenant with Israel. The world has gone nuts, but you haven’t!

We had three needs come our way today:

  1. A group of soldiers in the north that we have been helping since the beginning requested 8000 shekels for equipment.

  2. Another unit needs 15 letterman knives—cost: 7500 shekels.

  3. And the big one is that we are expecting a request for 100 winter jackets, which will cost about $6000.

We are in this until the end. Please consider a special gift to help the soldiers. And please continue to pray for the healing of this country.


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