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Cantors Need Pray :-)

It has been quite some time since I sent out a letter expressly to request prayer, but we are really in need of some breakthrough intercession at this time. Several things are merging at one time in our lives and the Cantor clan is asking for the oil of heaven to grease the way so all things work out according to His purpose.

1. We need to find a new apartment and move by the end of May. Our landlords are selling ours and we must be out by May 31st. We saw a decent one today, 20% less than we are paying now. Please pray for grace and favor and the right place to live. Also, please pray that eventually we will be able to buy an apartment here! In addition to the fact that we are throwing away money in rent, there is something prophetic to the Messianic Jewish restoration in Israel about owning property here.

2. Pray for extra grace for Elana, as I will be in Africa for nine days in May, right as we are getting ready to move. I know that Elana will sleep better at night knowing that our friends and partners are praying for us.

3. In just a few weeks our team from Israel will be going to Nigeria to hold a mass outreach campaign. We expect to reach tens of thousands of Nigerians. Pastor Mike Moses, our Nigerian Campaign Coordinator, tells me that things are running smoothly as compared to our first outreach in 2009. Nevertheless, please keep this outreach in your prayers. We don’t want to take anything for granted!

  1. Pray for the team: health, anointing, protection, funds, and unity.

  2. Pray for me: I have had a nagging cough for the past two weeks. Pray that my voice holds up, as I will be preaching several times a day. Pray for an amazing anointing to preach the gospel and pray for the sick.

  3. Pray for all the hundreds of volunteers in Nigeria for grace, blessing and perseverance.

  4. Pray that there will be no red tap in getting visas. I am taking our applications to the Nigerian Embassy in Tel Aviv on Tuesday.

  5. Pray for Nigeria. Since last week’s elections there has been civil unrest from radical Muslims. While this has not affected the area to which we are going, we still would ask you to pray for our protection and for the safety of all involved in the campaign for souls.

4. Sharon is finishing her two-year program at the Kings School of Media in June. Then she is going to the US for two months. She is seeking the Lord as to the next step: To continue studying film and media or begin to work in this field. Please pray for her to have clear direction.

5. My mother turns 70 in July and we are hoping to all be in the US for her birthday. Airfare for a family of five is not cheap. Fortunately, my airfare is being covered by a conference at which I am speaking. Please pray for funds for the rest of our family. The day we moved to Israel, my mother cried so much she couldn’t talk. We would love to honor her and celebrate with her this milestone in her life.


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