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Awesome Testimony!

The Israeli Outreach to Nigeria is exactly two months away and as of two days ago we were still about 75% short of the needed funds. However in just over 24 hours we received three gifts, totaling $12,000!

We are on our way! We now have over 50% of our budget. We are still believing for just over $20,000, but we are so grateful for this encouragement from the Lord.

If you would like to be a part of this historic outreach of Israelis to Nigeria and see, ‘The word of the Lord go forth from Jerusalem” (Isaiah 2:3), you can just click here to partner with us. Bless you all!

Can I also ask you to be in prayer for our team of Israelis, who are seeking to raise their funds. MMI pays for half of their expenses, while they need to provide the rest.

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