Antisemitism and Violent Attacks Against Jews in America Escalate

A ceasefire was reached in Israel last week, but Palestinian supporters continue to wage war against Jews through social media and in the streets across America.

The Anti-Defamation League reports that over the last couple of weeks, there have been at least 17,000 tweets with some form of “Hitler was right.” The Facebook page, Jerusalem Prayer Team, with more than 75 million followers who prayed for Israel daily, was targeted by radical Islamists and bombarded with anti-Semitic comments during the war. Rather than censure the commenters, Facebook instead took down the site.

The attacks were not isolated to virtual ones online. Here are a few of the reported physical attacks on Jews in the United States recently:

1. A pro-Palestinian parade of cars in Florida featured the words “Hitler was right” and shouted obscenities and made violent threats while driving through Jewish neighborhoods

2. In south Florida, a man yelled anti-Semitic remarks at a rabbi and threw a bag of human feces at the front of the synagogue, screaming, “Jews should die!”

3. In Beverly Hills, ten cars of Palestinian supporters drove up and started attacking Jewish diners